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  • Yeah, Yes, No Mortal Kombat Teoh.

  • A Fighting tournament as killer as its iconic theme song.

  • With a reputation like that, you better believe the first boss in the game would be a champion who's won nine times in a row.

  • He won't just kick your ass.

  • He'll rip your arms off to This is Goro, Prince of the show Con people in one of their strongest warriors.

  • He's 8 ft two inches tall, weighs £550 and clocks in at 2000 years old with no signs of slowing down.

  • He's been through a hell of a lot during his run, but here, the highlights he fought in the Civil War crust, some $500 sunglasses and, uh oh, yeah, he's a half humanoid half dragon person who would be stupid enough toe fight a half dragon with four arms, not many.

  • Most of the Mortal Kombat roster refuses to fight Gorrell because they're terrified of losing to him and getting Thorn into after living for a long as he has, you better believe he's picked up some skills.

  • He's got 500 years of experience in Mortal Kombat tournaments in his mastered a ton of different fighting styles.

  • He's obviously familiar with the show Con Style, which uses his extra appendages toe lethal effect.

  • He's also a master of an adapted version of the Kutan style, which is much more elaborate and relies on the strength of a more traditional humanoid body.

  • You think someone with only two arms can master the show can fighting style?

  • Uh, no.

  • You need for arms.

  • That's the whole point.

  • You're halfway there.

  • Not for long.

  • Hey, whiz High 53 down, one to go.

  • There's gotta be an extra shotgun arm or something around here somewhere.

  • Anyway, Come back next time when we talk about girls.

  • Faux champ How?

Yeah, Yes, No Mortal Kombat Teoh.

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Goro Stomps in DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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