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  • I'm Francesca from Mumbai, India.

  • Europe alone planet.

  • And I'm gonna be making this a musta.

  • There's so many words to describe it.

  • But once you take a bite into it is when you know the really meaning off deep fried goodness.

  • Now, Mr Morton has been a popular snack in India ever since the properties off, quoting essential.

  • And I want to be making the traditional North Indian version which has feed and potato tossed in Indian spices.

  • So, yes, this version is vegetarian on it's also vegan.

  • So to make the door, we're gonna need all the ingredients together.

  • Flour, semolina.

  • If you don't have semolina, you can leave it out.

  • Quality spoon off soul One day it was cooled off vegetable oil on just needed together with your fingers.

  • Don't put all of the water at the same time.

  • Let's put a little bit on.

  • Keep mixing.

  • You need the door to be nice and tight.

  • Mhm, Mhm.

  • So that's again.

  • So I got my heat on on adding in the oil we owe 20 minutes.

  • Your door should be ready so we'll divide it equally into the O with a with a knife.

  • We're just going toe, Slice it down the center.

  • I'm gonna show you how to missing.

  • Also, mhm.

  • Just those at the end with your from nothing goes right.

  • So it's really important to remember that you always should just be slightly hot before you put it in the first batch off your smokestack.

  • Let it cook on a door.

  • Came to about 5 to 6 minutes.

  • Onda.

  • Once you see the bubbles forming around the samosa, you can turn off the heat on turns samosas around until you're sure that both sides have put on even golden brown once the samosas already, the best way to enjoy them is by getting them to do some technique or a source of your choice on enjoying a little cup of tea.

I'm Francesca from Mumbai, India.

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How to make Indian samosas

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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