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  • If I close my eyes and drink this, it would be like I'm drinking and like a mango iced tea.

  • Yeah, but if I look at it, then I'm like, Oh, it's just pure alcohol.

  • Like it's a little scary.

  • It's very tropical.

  • I love this.

  • Where I tell Camelia, a new bar in Hong Kong that combines two of our favorite things T and alcohol.

  • They're doing something pretty unique, which is infusing the tea into liquor.

  • On today, we're going to try it out.

  • My name is Golan grew.

  • I'm a corner futile Camelia, which is a TV, a sculptor bar come on, especially with Asian.

  • We've been drinking tea from our child.

  • There's a lot of people doing a tea infused culturally.

  • Just tr very, very fascinating.

  • This more than hundreds kind of different teas around the world that has a different flavor, the flavor that we never experienced.

  • So the bar that focus on Lee the T.

  • This is kind of off our thing that we wanted to do, so we wanted to focus on the countries that never heard of before.

  • Like a T from Australia.

  • We try to source tea from a news event Uganda cases that never know.

  • They also make it keep.

  • And then they combined the team with other iconic flavors from that country to make a cocktail like the Japan, which is a macho infused vodka with natto, pumpkin seed and seaweed.

  • Or the Australia, which includes a tea infused whiskey, blue cheese and Tim Tams.

  • Chocolate ran way.

  • Get some blue cheese.

  • Tea is from the model.

  • Oh wow, This one, I think, is my favorite.

  • Mm, because it's like a bit savory.

  • But wait, we didn't see him put any blue cheese or Tim's hands into the drink.

  • So how does he do it way?

  • Get the tea like Mata or drink tea.

  • And then we moved for two hours, three hours with alcohol, but some of them what we do, we live it in a room temperature for 12 hours.

  • They do the same thing with blue cheese and Tim Tams to infuse them into whiskey, something that very intense right.

  • You don't want to force and choose and say the Australian tea is very mild, so when is a mild, we kind of put in Soviet and forced real heat so we're kind of enhance or open on this flavor and included alcohol.

  • Tea from Kenya is kind of strong spice flavor, so we leave it in room temperature and just kind of cool book.

  • And then the next day or after we include the Soviet way, re distill the cooked mixture goes into this machine called a road map.

  • It heats up the liquid until it starts producing steam.

  • When you start boarding water with alcohol, first thing we're gonna evaporate is alcohol.

  • That alcoholic steam is then sucked through a condenser, which turns it back into liquid.

  • It will take out the way, like your delicate flavor out of anything while you end up with is an alcohol that looks completely clear but has the essence of tea or blue cheese or whatever you've cooked into it.

  • People always that imagination.

  • What is T is a brown black or maybe so.

  • We're taking that away, and we adding this kind of Yeah, this is the mantra yesterday, So using in a are Japan cocktail is also will submit for two hours and months and vodka way.

  • Still, I can smell it before I even taste it like that.

  • Macho flavor is really strong when you just smell it to be a little careful.

  • It might seem like a lot of effort for one drink, but Jagan and his business partner, son Deep Kathy Ramani, want to change the way people think about T at its possibilities, which might also thes drinks without the tea.

  • It's not the same that it takes after the T know the tanning from the T sometimes is out of the different kind off flavor thing is tonic, so we get the black T wake up.

  • What kind of way used a drive mango and strawberry.

  • Then we live in a gym for, like, 12 hour next day way distilled using extract and is with the black TV.

  • Yes, okay.

  • Oh, wow, this is super good.

  • I can really pick up the mango and strawberry heart.

  • Then you get the T.

  • And in I think that's what's cool about these dreams.

  • It's like there's so many different layers and like the first sip is completely different from the third step and the fourth step, and it just keeps on going.

  • Grogan and his partner hope to experiment with other teas in the future, but for now, a lot of the work remains explaining the concept to customers who can be forgiven if they think it's a gimmick.

  • At first, T is like a whiskey.

  • There's a a million different kind of whisky, but if you drink is similar.

  • But if you drink side by side different different terror, different places Asia is actually is growing in, uh, in terms off Cocktail bar has that adoption for new concept E J.

  • Thank you.

  • Number one in the world.

  • I have to say, No, offense anyone.

  • Hey, guys, if you like that video, we have a lot more about booze in China.

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If I close my eyes and drink this, it would be like I'm drinking and like a mango iced tea.

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