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  • When I think about Tokyo, I think about amazing food.

  • This is the city that has the most Michelin stars on earth.

  • I adore Japanese food, but it's one thing to eat it abroad.

  • It's another thing to eat it in its actual home.

  • They're gonna be exploring the city's amazing food culture, looking at the ancient and the modern.

  • So I'm starting my food quest here with basically the most iconic and classic of Tokyo cyber news.

  • Sober is like the classic fast food in this city and has been for centuries.

  • This is the fuel that powers this 24 hour city, so the magic formula to make our soba noodles is 20% wheat flour on 80% flower e.

  • Feel like we're making a baby here, Look looks great.

  • Our little does gone through all these stages, and now it looks like a rolling cap.

  • Its magic cap it.

  • What role does sober play in Tokyo?

  • Everything.

  • Thio impatient.

  • It's the perfect noodle for a big metropolis like Tokyo because it's fast food, very fast city.

  • It's the O.

  • E.

  • I want to eat it like a proper Japanese person.

  • What do we do halfway then slap it.

  • Slurping is a big part off the experience.

  • Yes, it's a big respect to master.

  • Well, then I owe you a very big slope because these are delicious.

  • I've been trying all these amazing classic Tokyo food.

  • Now I'm going to a place called Yoshinoya Rio Con.

  • They're taking Japanese influence and merging that with international flavors in this case, French.

  • I'm very intrigued to see how these two very different worlds will combine as one eating at the Rio can was such a multi century experience.

  • You have the feel of the kimono, the feel of the tatami floors under your fate, this beautiful rock sculptures of silence.

  • And then to top it all off was just the sense and the smell, the taste of the food itself.

  • It's like a culinary hug.

  • It was just really beautiful and comforting that flavor.

  • Wow.

  • So this here is a pike Conger.

  • It's actually being smoked in front of my very eyes.

  • It's funny how the foods actually making me want to explore the country more.

  • Even though I haven't traveled much through Japan, I can imagine these beautiful landscapes through the flavors of each little morsel here and It's their way of presenting their culture and their history for a visitor like myself, and I find that quite touching, so good food in Tokyo is delicious regardless of what you're eating, whether it's classic Tokyo or a kind of fusion Tokyo dish, there's this deep, deep sense of pride.

  • It's actually easier than you might think to dig into the Japanese soul.

  • All you need is a pair of chopsticks and a solid appetite.

When I think about Tokyo, I think about amazing food.

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Work up an appetite in Tokyo

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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