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  • the woman you see behind me is one over kind because she lives in the middle off the desert.

  • Hi, My name is Khushi.

  • I am determined Came a lady.

  • This'll is Khushi Ah German lady who lives here in the middle of the desert with 30 camels off her own.

  • Why?

  • This is why 20 years ago who?

  • She lived in a city in Germany with her own 9 to 5 job.

  • But at some point she had a change off heart.

  • She wanted to feel happy and do something radical.

  • So I told that time to the revelation.

  • Take me to a land with the lots off son and lots off camel and no Germans.

  • So she ended up here in the desert in the Emirates, far away from any highway.

  • She put up a small house, hired guys to help her and raised a few camels.

  • I came into farming life in tow Camel life and I love it.

  • Hellas, Hellas this'll Desert life may look hard, but she loves it.

  • For 20 years she's been here living her best life.

  • No need for a city.

  • No need for civilization.

  • No need for a husband, I hope no time for husband.

  • I have to take care about 30 camels like this.

  • 30 Kimmitt's After 20 years off this desert life, she couldn't help but become a little bit Arab.

  • She learned the language of Allal, Cape Sahara Cave, and, uh, she learned the traditions and she got used to the desert life.

  • But every now and then, you see the German inside of her a lot off my soul.

  • In my life.

  • It's the Arab world.

  • But from inside I'm a German.

  • I'm very strong.

  • I'm very powerful, you know, way out.

  • She is very strict with her staff wear body, who she is obsessed with, German engineering, your computer, coffee walks, huh Huh?

  • And she drives the desert like it's a German autobahn e o e.

  • Like camel Yoshii like Oh, she is very, very nice woman.

  • And for a German, I love it.

  • In the days of a Minotaur body in Germany, in the United Arab Emirates, there is a German lady who decided to live life on her own terms without corporate ladders, without city traffic without stress, we hear I'm more healthy than anywhere over the world on.

  • When she did that, she found herself in the middle of the desert with 30 camels in her backyard and three helpers in her front yard with delicious food around and incredible happiness inside for my friends.

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  • That's more than a minute.

  • I will see you tomorrow for another view.

the woman you see behind me is one over kind because she lives in the middle off the desert.

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