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  • beneath the streets of Stockholm, Sweden is the world's longest.

  • Did it work?

  • Um, I on Oh, great Good Morrow Viewers of Great Big Story.

  • My name is Dubcek, and I've commandeered your regular viewing to speak my truth and empower the people to entertain themselves during this time.

  • How, by teaching you how to create colorful little finger puppets that you could make fun little performances with from home, you might not be able to go to the theater or cinema during this time.

  • But if you have some post it notes, scissors, sticky tape and a little creativity, you may well be able to create something wonderful.

  • So So let's begin.

  • Okay, so grab a post it note and laminated surface using sticky tape.

  • This will make it nice and durable.

  • Then cut a strip of that on tape it around this part of your index finger.

  • Make sure it's not too loose or too tight on that.

  • You could still bend your finger.

  • Cool.

  • Now we make a similar part for the same section off the pinky finger.

  • You can add tape on the inside, joiners well for extra strength and trim off the excess to make it nice and tidy.

  • Okay.

  • By Matilda e Think she's spotted something squirrel up to slow Matilda.

  • Check out the action replay.

  • So her but smacked into the Rose bush alerting him to her presence, and she just couldn't close the distance.

  • Bad luck, Matilda.

  • But let's be honest, you wouldn't have known what to do if you caught him anyway.

  • Shut up.

  • Okay, so now we make similar pieces for the middle sections off the middle and ring finger on.

  • Then we go back to the pinky and index finger and make similar pieces for their middle segments.

  • We've got a fair few segments now, so do feel free to label them on.

  • The inside of that helps you also do.

  • Keep up your supply of laminated post it notes because we've got some bigger pieces coming.

  • We're now making a kind of long cone that fits the middle finger.

  • You cut out a little section as well.

  • If it helps have been better.

  • Then roll out another one for your ring finger just like you're rolling.

  • Ah, big old doobie Have a bang on that.

  • My Children don't do drugs.

  • Tricky bit.

  • Now, make two more finger doobies.

  • and fix them at an angle to the lower pieces on the index and pinky fingers do go ahead and shave a bit off the back of it.

  • Aids the movement on Here's how it's looking so far.

  • Just need a, uh, just need a body slash face now.

  • So let's go ahead and cut some rounded slips out of a fresh post.

  • It note.

  • Might actually need them a little bit longer, actually.

  • Then stick those flaps to the top sections of the index and pinky finger on Tidy up those sharp corners.

  • J.

  • Matilda's getting bored.

  • Don't worry, we're nearly done Now.

  • We make a little cut here and we stick either side of that to the top segments of the ring and middle finger.

  • Draw some eyes on it.

  • And what do you know is finished?

  • Well, here is still a little bit.

  • I'll steady on his pins, but fear not.

  • In a few short moments, he will be dancing his way into your heart in a little musical piece that we've put together called the Quarantine Waltz.

  • Enjoy.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, yeah, yeah already.

  • Hey, how's all right?

beneath the streets of Stockholm, Sweden is the world's longest.

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How to Make a Puppet Using Post-it Notes

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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