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  • I've got kids, and I could never convince them that anything I do is cool.

  • That's gotta be different for you, right?

  • It's got to be.

  • You know what?

  • In the beginning, when they were younger because my son's first words were Wu Tang, my first son.

  • That's fantastic, right?

  • But as they got older and you know, we're living in this millennial era now and they're mawr, they need to have it now.

  • Instant gratification.

  • I don't think they think I'm a school as I used to be.

  • So now I have to remind them like, you know, I people love me all over the world.

  • I'm pretty famous, You know what I mean?

  • It's like you guys have no idea like I should respect me.

  • You should be bowing at my feet right now.

  • That is a big deal.

  • Yeah, but you know it.

  • It doesn't work that way, Doesn't No, no, not at all.

  • To them.

  • You're just dad.

  • You know, Dad's had never cool.

  • Yeah, certain point.

  • But what about let's say you're walking down the street back when we could all walk down the street and you see, someone walked by wearing a Wu Tang clan T shirt Because those air everywhere and the logos everywhere do they get, do they Do they give you the respect?

  • Then you know what?

  • That's funny that you brought that up because I recently passed somebody on the street with Tang t shirt on.

  • I mean, like, passed right by him.

  • And they didn't speak to me.

  • They they had no idea I was me.

  • But I get it.

  • I get it because I could be wearing I don't know what Judas Priest shirt only person I know from Judas Priest is the lead singer.

  • If I saw him, I could pick him out of line up.

  • The drummer, the bass guitarist, the guitarist.

  • They could be standing right next to me.

  • I wouldn't even know.

  • And I've had that T shirt on.

  • Yeah, that's happened to me.

  • I've passed people on the street that air wearing a Conan T shirt and they stopped me and they say, Excuse me, ma'am.

  • Do you know where the coffee shop is?

  • So I've I've been there.

  • Most people think I'm an older French woman.

I've got kids, and I could never convince them that anything I do is cool.

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Method Man: My Son’s First Words Were “Wu-Tang” - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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