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  • [Stephanie] I was out of work for about six years.

  • Living of one income was getting a bitit was getting really hard.

  • I left school before I even finished year 10, so I thought I would just get stuck in

  • a job that I hated.

  • I didn't have much confidence.

  • I needed direction.

  • [Music]

  • [Anitha] After getting married to my husband

  • I just got pregnant, so I didn't try any job.

  • [Jessica] I dropped out of school early and had my kids at a young age.

  • Sat around home, just looking after my kids and that's all I would do.

  • [Amy] I've been thinking for a while, did I want to go back to work.

  • I didn't feel that I had a pull towards anything, nothing was sparking an interest.

  • I felt really lost.

  • [Music]

  • [Amy] ParentsNext has helped me with organising

  • my thoughts and trying to find a plan, and to definitely set my goals for the future

  • for myself and discovering that I do want to study.

  • So they've definitely pulled me in the right direction with doing that.

  • [Stephanie] We figured out what I like to do, what hours I was willing to work,

  • what days I was willing to work, things like that,

  • and what jobs would be best suited to me.

  • [Jessica] I have been recently getting into studying, thanks to the ParentsNext program.

  • I never had a goal before I started going to ParentsNext and now I want to be a Community

  • Worker.

  • [Anitha] It was very difficult to get a job here because they are asking for local experience.

  • ParentsNext they help me in writing my resume, they arranged me for doing a traineeship.

  • So they really helped me in finding a job in finance.

  • [Music]

  • [Stephanie] At the Jobs Queensland ParentsNext

  • office, there's two toy boxes.

  • Kids are more than welcome.

  • There's colouring in for them.

  • It's very child friendly.

  • The case workers are always willing to help you.

  • You can walk in if they're not busy, they'll drop what they're doing.

  • [Amy] All the coordinators at ParentsNext understand that it is a scary thing coming

  • into either study or into employment when you've been a parent for so long.

  • They've made it so very easy and comfortable for me to do that.

  • [Jessica] I've already seen a change in my kids.

  • They're excited now to go to school and crèche and they're excited to get involved.

  • So they're enjoying it.

  • [Music]

  • [Stephanie] ParentsNext just showed me what

  • steps needed to be taken to get where I wanted to go and how to achieve those goals and what

  • services were out there to help me.

  • [Anitha] It's very scary to get a driving licence here.

  • Once I entered into the ParentsNext, I got my driving licence.

  • So I really want to thank Belinda for encouraging me.

  • [Amy] Definitely looking for childcare was quite a bit of a concerning thing for me as

  • well.

  • So ParentsNext was able to help me with that as well.

  • [Music]

  • [Jessica] I'm different now thanks to ParentsNext.

  • I'm motivated, I'm super keen to go out and do something and before I wasn't.

  • [Amy] Before I was a bit flat, I knew that I couldn't feel the spark.

  • But I can feel it now, it's definitely built my confidence.

  • [Anitha] I'm feeling independent after getting licence and I'm getting my regular income,

  • so I can buy whatever I want.

  • Last week I went to the shop with my kids and bought some toys, from my account, so

  • I felt very happy about that.

  • [Music]

  • [Jessica] It could benefit a lot of people

  • that I know.

  • Just the changes, the help, the support that you need.

  • I'm hoping to finish my school and get a job and have a better outcome for me and my

  • children.

  • [Anitha] Once I finish the traineeship, they said they will recruit me as a full-time employee.

  • That will be helpful for me to raise my kids.

  • So I'm very happy now.

  • [Amy] The future for me and my children looks absolutely amazing, so many different opportunities

  • are about to be opened for us and I'm very excited.

  • [Stephanie] All thanks to ParentsNext, I'm doing my Certificate III in Community Services.

  • I love working.

  • I love having adult interaction again, not just watching Giggle and Hoot all day.

  • I'd like to go to university.

  • That's the ultimate goal.

  • Without ParentsNext, I don't know where I'd be.

  • [Music]

[Stephanie] I was out of work for about six years.

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