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  • Your dashboard is where you go to see what you need to do to meet your

  • requirements and get your income support payment. Each section of your dashboard

  • gives you some important information. Up here at the top of the screen is where

  • you'll see compliance information. Anytime your status updates you'll see a

  • banner, no banner no problems. Yellow banners give you information

  • about demerits, you can dismiss a yellow banner by clicking the X after you have

  • read it. When you dismiss a yellow banner you will see a smaller version of the

  • demerit icon. You can click the participation history button to get more

  • information about any demerit you have. Red banners let you know if something

  • has happened to affect your payment. You can't dismiss a red banner, it will stay

  • there until you complete whatever action is required. You will always have a

  • corresponding item in your task to do that gives you more information. This is

  • where you can find out about your job search effort. This section tells you how

  • many jobs you need to apply for and you're reporting due date. It updates

  • every time you add a job, so you can see how many jobs you have left to report.

  • Click the view my job search effort button to go to your job search effort

  • page and add jobs. Check out the iCard at the top of the

  • screen to see our job search effort playlist. This section is where we send

  • your latest messages. We send important information about your payment and your

  • requirements by email and SMS, depending on what preferences you've set. We also

  • send a copy here to your dashboard. If you're ever wondering what's happening

  • with your requirements, demerits, payment or job search effort there's a good

  • chance you'll find the answer in your inbox. This is your tasks to do, it's a

  • list of compulsory requirements and when there due.

  • If you don't complete a task by

  • the due date, your payment will go and hold and you'll get a demerit.

  • So needless to say, your task to do is a pretty important list. The things you

  • have to do today are listed as urgent and are red coloured. You'll see the time

  • they're due and if you click on view details you'll get more information

  • about your task. For example, if your task is to go to an activity when you click

  • view details you'll get a pop up with the date, time, address and

  • name of the activity. You can also record your attendance at an activity in this

  • pop-up. Check out the iCard because, you guessed it, we have a video demonstration

  • of recording attendance. In the upcoming section you could see a mix of orange

  • and green items. Again you will always have a due time and when a task is

  • upcoming, you will also see a due date. There are lots of other features you can

  • use on your dashboard. The did you know section has helpful info to get the most

  • out of your account and your employment services. You can also customise your

  • dashboard to add or remove items based on your interests and needs.

  • So why not take a minute now to get to know your dashboard and if you want more tips

  • click on the playlist to keep watching! Subscribe to our channel so you never

  • miss a new video.

Your dashboard is where you go to see what you need to do to meet your

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Your Dashboard 101

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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