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  • The Transition to Work program is specifically for youth 15 to 21.

  • It's about giving them more engagement, more mentoring, more support

  • and being able to get out and meet with employers.

  • When Billie first came to Busy at Work she had

  • basically every barrier in every area of her life.

  • She brought me the Cert 3 in Rural Operations with Online Horse College

  • and said she wanted to do this but she didn't think she could.

  • Some of Billie's challenge is when things get a

  • little bit difficult, she hasn't had support in the past

  • so she just can't complete it, so sitting through

  • applications and enrollment forms and filling out forms for all those

  • processes really meant that we're a team working on this.

  • And through that Billie blossomed really fast.

  • I've been with Centrelink ever since I was 14.

  • I've done hospitality, social service all that

  • sort of stuff and I was never interested in it.

  • I was pretty keen on doing nothing and sitting around with my friends and

  • running amok. One day I just clicked and said I need to do something.

  • Natalie from busy at work gave me the

  • opportunity to get this course.

  • She was interested in what I wanted to do.

  • I approached horses and humans - they met

  • with me we spent about an hour or so

  • explaining everything and and the

  • support that our program, Transition to Work

  • could offer and then we just took it step by step

  • through each part of that Youth Jobs PaTH program.

  • The next step was actually spending more time with Billie

  • and preparing her around responsibility, if you were sick or

  • couldn't make it or transport issues.

  • We provided personal protective equipment for Billie as well

  • because Billie's equipment that she currently had was out of date.

  • But most of all it was letting Billie know that that she was

  • accountable to herself. That just because

  • days might be hard there was a whole

  • team of people behind her now that was going to help well with that.

  • Natalie really made it so easy. The support that

  • she gave me throughout that was insane.

  • She drove me places, she helped me get my license.

  • If I just had a hard day I'd call her and

  • she'd just make sure everything was fine.

  • Every conversation, because I speak with her weekly,

  • is always around her not believing how her life changed so quickly.

  • So in less than six months I've seen

  • Billie have secure accommodation,

  • have her benefits that Centrelink sorted.

  • Go through a successful internship.

  • Get a job.

  • She just can't wait to get out there

  • and explore life and she's got some

  • dreams now which she had none when she met me.

  • And that's all part of the

  • collaboration between horses and human,

  • the Transition to Work program and the Youth Jobs PaTH program as well.

  • I'm really proud of all my knowledge that

  • I've gained there's nothing else that

  • makes me feel so calm than working with horses.

  • The feeling afterwards when

  • you've succeeded it's just the best feeling ever.

The Transition to Work program is specifically for youth 15 to 21.

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Billie's life changed for the better thanks to Youth Jobs PaTH

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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