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  • Hello, everybody.

  • This is Elliot from E.

  • T.

  • J.

  • English.

  • And welcome to this pronunciation lesson.

  • Today we're talking about the most common the most important on the most amazing sound in the English language.

  • And this is my favorite to teach is the Schwab sound.

  • Now Do you know what the Schwab's sound is?

  • Can you use it already?

  • If you can, that's okay.

  • But when you learn this, all this information is going to be extremely powerful for you to improve your pronunciation to sound Mawr, like you've been trained by a native British person on you are going to just sound 10 times better as an English speaker.

  • So without further ado, let's start learning the Schwab's sound how we use it on when we use it.

  • So, first of all, the Schwab sound, uh, it's just Ah, now it's a breath out.

  • Ah, just follow me one more time.

  • Ah, so it sounds a little bit weird when we make it on its own.

  • But when we put it in a word, this is when it sounds great and it sounds really British.

  • So first of all, on its own, we do use this and this is with the letter?

  • A when we put it in a sentence.

  • So, for example, yesterday I went to a lesson about history.

  • A lesson, a lesson.

  • Okay, yesterday I went to our lesson about history.

  • Did you notice the Schwab's sound?

  • It's on the A a lesson, but when we say it naturally, it becomes a lesson.

  • So we use it with the word A.

  • We can also use it with the word off property cut purty and that's with an off the off becomes a a cup of tea.

  • So now let's move on to the word for Andi.

  • Let's say I was asking you, What are you doing for Christmas this year?

  • For Christmas?

  • What are you doing for Christmas this year?

  • Instantly.

  • That will make you sound more British.

  • So practice practice makes perfect.

  • What are you doing for Christmas?

  • Okay, let's move on.

  • So we're gonna move on to when we normally use this in riel words.

  • Big words.

  • Okay.

  • Proper words.

  • So first of all, we'll use the Schwab's sound with words that are ending in the R sounds.

  • So, for example, when I say better on American might say better.

  • I don't say teacher.

  • I say Teacher Teacher Schwab Sound is on the r sound at the end of the word teacher.

  • Better do you kind of understand where I'm coming from now, so we can also use it with unstrap est weak syllable sounds.

  • Police, police So far sofa the A becomes an a sofa.

  • The word about about about so the beginning of the word has now got the Schwab's sound about.

  • I had to call the police yesterday.

  • I had to call the police yesterday.

  • Any vowel sound.

  • We can use this Schwab sound.

  • So let me give you a word with a SWAT sound with each vowel.

  • So first of all, again, again, the A becomes a Schwab sound problem.

  • Problem.

  • The E becomes a Schwab sound President president that I becomes a Schwab sound.

  • Bottom bottom.

  • The O becomes a Schwab sound album.

  • Alba.

  • The U becomes a SWAT sound on.

  • We can also do it with why, for example, the word syringe, which has a y after it, we can say its syringe.

  • That's how we say it.

  • Syringe.

  • When do we use the swat sound?

  • We use it with the R sound at the end of a word.

  • We also use it with unstrap est weak syllable sounds.

  • We also will use it with any vowel sound.

  • I know it's a lot to take in.

  • It's a lot of information, but it's so simple, and all you have to do is practice on.

  • The best way to practice is with a native speaker who can correct you.

  • I Luckily I'm a Skype English teacher.

  • I am a professional English and pronunciation teacher.

  • I help you learn English and learn British accents.

  • So if you really, really want to get that British accent and get that good English sound, what you need to do is book a Skype English lesson with me in the description box below on, we can start making you a fluent, British sounding English speaker right now.

  • So go ahead and book a lesson.

  • Thank you very much for watching guys.

Hello, everybody.

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British Pronunciation: The Most Important Sound (Schwa)

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