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  • I want to focus here on to what do you think of the news that they've named him officially the starter for the Dolphins?

  • Honestly, I'm surprised.

  • I You know, I understand.

  • You know, he came in through a couple passes and and the whole deal last week, but I thought with Fitzpatrick and the way this team was moving to three and three, they're improving each and every.

  • I think their offensive line is playing much better.

  • Um, I thought they would.

  • I thought it would be a few more weeks.

  • Honestly, I thought they would continue to kind of ride the fits magic portion.

  • Ah, Fitzpatrick for a while.

  • Eso I am a bit surprised, and I know Listen, no one's under the assumption that he wasn't gonna play this year or was gonna come in.

  • I'm just a little surprised that coming off off the moment, um, this team has built over the past few weeks that they decided to make the change this early.

  • Well, they won two of their last three.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for over 300 yards in both games.

  • And then last week it was against the jets.

  • It wasn't necessary because he was playing against one of the most pathetic franchises of the modern day error in the New York Jets.

  • Having said all of that, we have to say this.

  • If they've made this move with Tour, it has to be because he has shown them enough in practice, where they have said it's time because the way they're flowing right now in winning two of their last three, it stands to reason that you know what?

  • Why would you make this change particularly within experience?

  • Quarterback like Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  • Why wouldn't you buy them more time?

  • But they're saying, Hell, we want to go with it now.

  • So to or must be showing something, let's see what he's got.

  • I look, Jeff, I agree with you.

  • It's a little odd, but I'll say this.

  • Maybe it's smart.

  • Let me play Devil's Advocate, um, and explain why it might be smart.

  • Fitzpatrick is the kind of quarterback who's good enough to be a little dangerous to a franchise.

  • He is not a franchise quarterback, but he's shown he can be a more or less competent starter.

  • Although for ah, Harvard guy, he sure makes some questionable decisions at times with the ball and and it's not very careful with, but but, like, let's be honest, but ah, guy who's good enough to be dangerous to a franchise, and you've gotten enough out of him that you're still treading water in a not very well.

  • What remains to be seen, how strong the division is this year.

  • The Bills are pretty good, and you always expect the Patriots to be pretty good.

  • But no runaway steam train in the division, right?

  • And you've kept your head above water.

  • Sticking with Fitzpatrick is not the formula for a team that's looking to do something.

  • And if you have a quarterback who's physically ready and he's showing you in practice and he's special, what we see is the rial development year for a quarterback is year two right and and they're on that rookie deal.

  • That's when you can make a because you don't have to pay the quarterback a lot of money.

  • If Tua can physically take it and he's ready, you let him develop the rest of this year, see what happens with the team instead of just giving fits packed to the ball and squinting and hoping he's a franchise quarterback, which he's not, and setting yourself up for the future.

  • I get it.

  • You know, the one thing is pretty interesting.

  • You talked about this a bye week, and I get that so they'll have some time to prepare.

  • But coming in for the Rams, his opening week, uh, to your point about the health of the player, obviously, you know, putting them in last week for a couple snaps.

  • You know, they felt good having him as the number two quarterback told you they felt comfortable with him because you're one play away from being the guy.

  • But But coming in against the Rams, I think that's also sending a message, right?

  • I mean, you're talking about one of the best defensive fronts as far as getting after the quarterback and pressuring the quarterback without having to bring extra pressure to get home.

  • Aaron Donald, who I've I've said for the last four years.

  • M v P.

  • If he's not the M V.

  • P.

  • Is one of the top two or three players in our game, and he continues to show that.

  • But he'll get pressured.

  • He's gonna get hit that, you know, the Rams gonna lay hat on him.

  • So, uh, it'll be a It'll be a baptism by fire, I think his first week.

  • But, you know, you make a great point, Max.

  • I didn't think about it from that perspective.

  • If it's Patrick kept playing well, it does.

  • It does kind of give you hesitation of when you make the move again.

  • I thought it would probably be after the mid point of the season.

  • Week 89 kind of let him build in.

  • Get some or of the type games that he just had, where you're going in 10 12 snaps, you know, five or six throws and then kind of build on.

  • That may be coming at halftime, but they obviously feel like this is the move, I think also, you know what, like again, Richard Fitzpatrick is the kind of guy obviously knew it was to his team, obviously capable of coming off the bench and producing, but also, But also I think this is about Justin Urban two, because the way that he's been playing in the kind of potential that he has shown, I think the Miami Dolphins has sort of fantasizing about what if because two were coming out of college was considered better than him.

  • And look at how good this guy looks.

  • Why we holding him back?

  • Let's see what he's got now.

  • Because if he's better than this guy, we might have a superstar to, too.

  • It's not like we were.

  • People were saying, Hey, can Baker Mayfield be like Russell Wilson or Drew Brees or something?

  • Right.

  • We're kind of hoping it, but with two of you look at him and you go, that's Ah, that's a Drew Brees kind of guy.

  • Maybe he might be special for rial.

  • It's not like wish casting.

  • We've seen it.

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I want to focus here on to what do you think of the news that they've named him officially the starter for the Dolphins?

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