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  • the year is 1960 were in the Cold War era of spying on the Soviets.

  • And the CIA is seeking the perfect agent.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • I'm CIA a scientist.

  • Anna and I'm here today to pitch pets as field operative.

  • What the hell is this?

  • Apparently she's a genius or something.

  • I don't know.

  • I don't see it.

  • So we all know the Soviet Union, like, really annoying ring we gotta find are perfect spy.

  • My work is heavily based on BF Skinner's operate, psychology and behavior modification SparkNotes Skinner was able to train rats to press lovers and pigeons to pet keys in exchange for food.

  • So based on that, I'm pretty confident we can turn cat in the spies.

  • Think about it.

  • Cats are agile.

  • They're curious.

  • They come into the room.

  • Wow, I don't even know.

  • Plus, it's really sad, but people ignore strays a lot.

  • I personally don't understand why you know, every time I see it, straight hat, I just want to take it home and I want to save it.

  • But I said grass.

  • This is called Project Acoustic Kitty.

  • If I were a Soviet spy, this would have 100% worked on me.

  • Our plan to bring communism toe America is going well.

  • However, we cannot let this lead make us complacent.

  • We must move forward with diligence.

  • And Comrade Ana, What is that?

  • Yes.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Uh, this is my special kitty, aren't you, Kitty?

  • I found her in alleyway.

  • So, man, she's so lonely.

  • So I bring her hill to secret headquarter.

  • Do not worry about my kitty, But this is American Kitty.

  • No.

  • What do you think it is, Spy?

  • What are you stupid?

  • Boris?

  • No.

  • How do you spy, Kitty?

  • American government.

  • $20 million to put you through our and a half surgery implant.

  • Tiny microphone in your ear canal put antenna wire along your spine.

  • An implant, tiny batter and transmitter, Power supply and chest.

  • No, to mention training time.

  • Oh!

  • Oh, yes.

  • Things is an American spy.

  • Kitty Borders.

  • Oh, no.

  • What do you hear?

  • Well, I didn't anticipate them.

  • Petting buttercup.

  • Eso she She's purring right now, and I can't hear anything she's got allowed her.

  • Unfortunately, the gray and white cat who has chosen to be the first feline recording device never actually made it to being a spy on its first test run after it was released from the unmarked CIA van.

  • It was, yeah, a taxi driver.

  • After this devastating loss, the project was completely abandoned in 1967.

  • But there's some fun, heavily redacted documents from the NSA archive at George Washington University.

  • And though Buttercups real name is lost to history, I salute her service, and I hope that we never try to make cats into anything other than household demons that we worship ever again.

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the year is 1960 were in the Cold War era of spying on the Soviets.

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The first cat spy (history)

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