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  • a day after deciding to boycott their game.

  • Others would say Strike.

  • I think that's probably more correct.

  • Semantics.

  • But regardless, they elect to play again.

  • Adrian Margin, ask you reported earlier on SportsCenter.

  • The guests is that they will be back to resumption of the playoffs by Saturday.

  • In the bubble in Orlando, joined now by the great Doris Burke from the bubble in Orlando and Doris, you have the respect for and off the folks of the N B A.

  • You know them as human beings, and as such, they don't represent somebody that's on a poster on a wall or somebody on Instagram.

  • They're people, you know.

  • They are colleagues.

  • How do you describe Doris?

  • The last 24 hours and the emotions and the pain and the reflection that's gone on there?

  • You know, I was sitting in my room prepping what was supposed to be the Boston Toronto game, and I was absolutely riveted as I turned on the television and news of what the Milwaukee Bucks had decided to do.

  • Sort of unfolded and as I've had 24 hours to reflect, and I think about a guy like Fred Vanvleet, who was the first person to put the idea of strike or boycott or whatever word you want to put to this out there into the universe and Jalen Brown and knowing the high character that both of those men have.

  • And for Fred VanVleet, who is a free agent and is literally saying what he said with maybe $30 million on the table.

  • And yet the character, Fred Vanvleet, to say We need to slow down, we need to pause and we need to ask ourselves a question.

  • And I said this earlier.

  • Scott, As American citizens, every single one of us should be asking the same question.

  • Are we on the side of right and truth or the wrong side?

  • And are we individually doing enough?

  • So I hope we follow the example off these high character men of the n ba Doris being in that environment.

  • I spent a week on the road doing one golf tournament, and it was I got to go out on the on the road a little bit, but it was it was isolated.

  • It was odd and it felt unusual, and I missed my family profoundly.

  • That was one week for those that have been inside this bubble.

  • I wonder what role that has played in magnifying any feelings of angst and despair that that would be understandable.

  • Well, I certainly can't speak for the players, but I will tell you that I am not in the same position as Mallika and Adrian and how Rachel Was and Marc Spears and these people who are in the farm or restrictive Green Zone.

  • I'm in the yellow, so I have a little bit more freedom.

  • And I can tell you I was speaking to my daughter this afternoon and said, The walls are closing in and I'm getting a little bit crazed.

  • And now you have these men who are facing all of these weighty things and doing it in an environment without their support system.

  • Uh, it played a role there.

  • It's unequivocal that has played a role.

  • And whether this is something you know, or just something you think, Doris, what do you think resonated with the group where ultimately they recognized we've sacrificed this this stage and our voices are amplified most.

  • If we're together here, then if we disperse into the universe, how do you think they got to this place where they decided they'd continue.

  • Well, the meeting, as we know, has been described as chaotic.

  • And then So what happens?

  • You go to sleep and you or you discuss it more with your teammates, and then you get a little bit of rest.

  • Probably not very much.

  • But perhaps your perspective has changed a little bit in the morning and you don't want to lose what is your greatest platform?

  • And that is the opportunity.

  • Because, listen, we've been here a month, and I'm sure they ask themselves, Are we still resonating?

  • Well, guess what?

  • The n b a has gotten the attention across the globe again, and I say godspeed and keep it up because they are not bowing to this.

  • They're here.

  • They'll be here tomorrow or the next day.

  • So they're not giving in.

  • Scott, I'll close with this.

  • You've had a career in Basketball Hall of Fame career as a player.

  • Uh, in this game, you've seen a great deal.

  • Um, and you bring a great deal to what we do cover in this sport.

  • This chapter.

  • What does it represent to the totality of what you've gotten to do in this sport?

  • I don't know that I've ever been more proud, and I think Malika said this earlier today.

  • There are some who make history and some who get to document it.

  • I've known my entire career how lucky I have been to be around the game of basketball since I was seven.

  • It provided an education.

  • It gives me a job that I love.

  • It's allowed me to provide for my Children.

  • Um, but what these men have done over the last 72 hours makes me extraordinarily proud as an American citizen, as a mother of a son who is the age of these men, and I am so happy to be here documenting it as always, perfectly, said Doris Burke.

  • I appreciate your time, and I look forward to talking some basketball with you as these playoffs continue at some point.

  • Me, too.

  • Scott.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

a day after deciding to boycott their game.

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