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  • you are a huge defensive stopper.

  • That's what you were kind of known for.

  • And obviously the heat of Jimmy Butler.

  • The Lakers have LeBron and a D.

  • The Nuggets have a couple of guys that have burst out in Yokich and Murray.

  • Let's just focus in right now on the heat because the Celtics need to do something to get back in this series.

  • Your Celtics, What can they do from a defensive standpoint to stop a Miami team that last night had a rook go for 37?

  • Oh, man.

  • Well, first things first.

  • I'm looking at my first team.

  • All defense.

  • Got Marcus smart.

  • I think that might need to be his primary, uh, focusing on the defense of stop inside.

  • Because it is this a rookie.

  • You know, he's doing stuff like with some of the great names up there with some of the great what he did last night compared to magic and just having a great performance like that.

  • I just think Marcus Law might need toe change his route on.

  • We're gonna guard for the game because this really looks so phenomenal.

  • Last night, hey was hidden, uh, buzzer beating shots, killing them in the pick and roll playing with great ports.

  • And I think, you know, put smart on him.

  • You put a more physical guy on, uh, kind of rough him up a little bit.

  • And I was kind of surprised they didn't hard problem last night just to try to stop his rhythm.

  • You know, let him know you fed up with all this scoring that he's doing because he made it look easy.

  • But he's a force to be reckoned with right now, Tony, knowing that the Celtics down 31 they got to get back in this.

  • They gotta have some offensive firepower with Tatum not taking many shots in the first half of that game four.

  • How would you guard all of these offensive weapons going into five if he was Miami?

  • Well, I think I think what they're doing is is alright, It's on point.

  • They in the zone, they know that they're gonna play zone.

  • I think they plays.

  • Only kind of has some of the, uh, the perimeter players in Duncan Robinson and and, uh, your arrow.

  • But Tyler, but for the most part, they know what they want to do.

  • They're coming in and plans on the attacking on the fastbreak.

  • Once they get the rebound, they're moving the ball.

  • They plan where they drive and kick travel, keep travel kit and whoever makes the best play very yourself.

  • I think that has been the thing with those guys, not frighten izing with the other players that coming in and making it a business trip.

  • I think the approach is just so.

  • It's so tunnel vision then, to trying to get the championship trophy and you could see about them being up 31 Tony Allen in 2000 and eight.

  • NBA world champion joining us here on Keyshawn J.

  • Will and Zubin T.

  • A.

  • When you look at the Nuggets and all that talent and depth that they have versus LeBron and a d.

  • Ultimately who you think come out of this deal Oh, man, it's hard to overlook the comeback kids.

  • I call them, um, simply because those guys have so great great ambition and, you know, trying to get back in Siris, crawl back, fight back and come out on top right now.

  • I think they're in a tough situation.

  • A repair, phenomenal.

  • Uh, it's a game.

  • When the last game in good rhythm.

  • I thought he played good last game, but his motor right now to help so many players on the team.

  • Uh, guys like Rondo, Uh, his activity with being a live threat.

  • Open up shots on the back side for guys like Octavius Pope.

  • Uh, you know what?

  • LeBron he He just a threat anytime he's on the court.

  • He turned it on when you want to.

  • But more importantly, I like how, after David has been just so dominant in this Siri's and I think that's that's what's the That's what's gonna get from the maker of the championship is dominant.

  • His afternoon day was gonna be throughout this game.

  • It ain't nothing he gotta do.

  • A lot of people say they want him to be more aggressive, more aggressive.

  • Low is just his activity.

  • He comes set that pick and roll a flat screen anywhere.

  • He slipped.

  • He called him a lot of havoc for the defense, and I just think the Lakers have come out on top of this.

  • He loves hearing that.

  • Of course, I don't like the ta beat us, but that's okay.

  • He's talking about the 2000 and could be a finals with teeth.

  • Yeah, yeah, you don't get that.

  • You have got to get that ring back TA in 2000 and eight, along with the Celtics, knocking off he's Lakers.

  • But for equal time since we are in a political season, I should mention that the Lakers got one up on the Celtics a couple years later, so we'll see.

  • Maybe they'll meet in the N B A Finals for the 13th time.

  • Ta.

  • It's the resumption of the league's greatest rivalry a dozen times before, and you were right in the thick of it.

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you are a huge defensive stopper.

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