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  • When a shark bites a human, they never get the same taste,

  • let's say, as they would by biting a fish.

  • So generally, they will release us and swim away.

  • These incidents were totally different.

  • The shark came in, attacked the victim, and came back

  • and attacked again and again and again,

  • and stayed with the victims until they

  • were removed from the water.

  • That's a very determined animal.

  • NARRATOR: So what could cause sharks to display

  • such brazen determination?

  • For Collier, there can be only one explanation.

  • In my opinion, these animals were not investigating.

  • These were all predatory attacks.

  • These sharks were attempting to feed on the victim.

  • NARRATOR: Sharks trying to feed on humans.

  • It's a terrifying and virtually unprecedented revelation.

  • It's extremely unique and very, very rare.

  • And we had to find out why.

  • NARRATOR: So what could cause Egypt

  • sharks to suddenly start attempting

  • to actually eat beachgoers?

  • For Dr. Dan Huber, such unnatural behavior

  • suggests that something equally unnatural

  • must be occurring in the predator's environment.

  • In fact, it could point to some kind of human intervention.

  • Animals can be trained to exhibit certain behaviors

  • in response to a stimulus.

  • And the reason why this works is because the stimulus

  • is associated with a reward.

  • NARRATOR: This concept is known as conditioning.

  • One of the primary ways that this happens

  • is if a shark gets hand fed over and over

  • and over again, it's learning to associate people

  • with a food reward.

  • Which means that it's going to exhibit feeding

  • behaviors around people, even if that food reward isn't present.

When a shark bites a human, they never get the same taste,

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Predatory Shark Attacks | When Sharks Attack

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