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  • a renewable called biomass generates less than 2% harvesting it, moving it, storing it, making sure it produces a consistent amount of energy.

  • Those have been ongoing challenges for scientists looking to use biomass, but the biomass industry is hoping to change that so many non utilized waste streams.

  • In this world, we have food ways.

  • We have transportation ways, their endless amounts of by products that are currently not utilized.

  • What if you could power your home and live completely off the grid by just using your own trash?

  • Each year, over one billion tons of solid waste is produced globally.

  • That's expected to double by 2025.

  • And of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic produced worldwide, Onley 9% is recycled.

  • But to this German start up, our trash is their treasure.

  • The initial vision that we had was to build a power plant that is truly mobile, that it can convert all the waste and turn it into clean energy right on site and trades power plants conf it entirely inside a 20 ft shipping container and mainly run on biomass.

  • Biomass is a renewable organic resource that comes from plants and animals and could be turned into fuel.

  • Fooling and his team worked toe, identify local waste streams.

  • Anything from manure to discarded lumber to yard trimmings and even peanut shells could do the trick.

  • We crush it, we dry it, and then we pelletize it.

  • These biomass pellets are what end trades power units run on.

  • The company has also developed the technology to use non organic waste as fuel by taking plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills and combining it with other green waste.

  • They claim their units can produce enough electricity to power homes, neighborhoods and factories.

  • And then we put it into our reactor and the only stays there for a few seconds before totally converts into a natural gas replacement.

  • It's a process called gasification.

  • When plastic goes into a small reactor, it burns at extremely high temperatures, breaking down its polluting particles.

  • The results, Ah, hot gas that is then used to create electricity n trade sees potential in countries dealing with large amounts of plastic pollution.

  • But figuring out the right mixture of plastic and biomass could be complicated, and it's still being tested.

  • The company wants to take their mobile power units one step further.

  • Their newest unit is a mini power plant about the size of a fridge.

  • We were always thinking of this power unit you can bring to the middle of nowhere.

  • Plug it in.

  • Use all the ways you find around the paella, ties it, and you have a complete power supply on site.

  • And I can see if many people in farm houses all over the world just putting this next to the kitchen and generating their own power from the ways that they're currently throwing away.

  • But are these many units is easy to use as they seem.

  • If you look at the bags off Palace that we produce here, we need about 2 to 3 bags per day, so you can actually fill it by hand in the morning.

  • Have a complete power supply around the clock.

  • That's a lot of pellets en trades off the grid vision is still in its early phases.

  • Questions like how much energy would take for someone to actually make thes pellets at home still remain.

  • The company envisions communities combining their green waste and making their own biomass fuel, and they're also working to make these things affordable.

  • The 50 kilowatt unit, defined in a big container, was initially about five million to build.

  • We have brought this down to retail price of $250,000.

  • As the production numbers go up, we think we can offer this for the price of a small car and trade hopes that many power plants like these could change the way cities and towns source their electricity making themselves sustaining.

  • And in some cases, cleaner.

  • You're gonna have communities processing their own waste, using his electricity, and it's totally going to revolutionize the way we're gonna live.

a renewable called biomass generates less than 2% harvesting it, moving it, storing it, making sure it produces a consistent amount of energy.

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