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  • today my girlfriend and I decided Thio Yes, get married Here in Papua New Guinea, they have some of the most colorful weddings.

  • So my girlfriend and I decided to throw a really but local wedding instead of a ring a pig instead of a kiss at dance on instead of normal clothes, we wore way dressed up in traditional clothes made entirely from nature.

  • The yellow pain is from a boiled rock, black from ashes and white from clay.

  • Can you imagine that?

  • This is just one out of 800 different traditions in one country?

  • But But what's even more exciting is the locals reaction.

  • You look nice, Thio you loathe.

  • They love sharing their culture with people from thousands of miles away who they have never met before.

  • On this unofficial wedding day, as we all danced together as one, the world felt very, very small.

  • One of the best parts of Indian culture is an Indian wedding.

  • So today I decided toe fake Mary, my actual girlfriend in an Indian.

  • Here's how are Indian Wedding went the day before we got the owner of the jewelry and the fancy clothes and invited all of our Indian friends.

  • On wedding day, I, the groom, arrived on a beautiful horse, surrounded by good looking friends and lots of fireworks and music.

  • And then I waited for my bride to arrive.

  • She did arrive on a boot, then was carried by four men to meet her new husband.

  • Together, we performed Hindu rituals, toe unofficially become husband and wife, and from that point on, our Indian wedding began with amazing food.

  • Dance and music is true.

  • Our wedding was not really but the richness of Indian culture.

  • Weddings and people are as real as they e.

  • Let me ask you a question.

  • When is the best time for you to get married?

  • Most people throw their wedding on a day with Sonny.

  • Great weather on, ideally on the weekend with all your friends and family are free.

  • But here in Sierra Blanca, weekends and weather do not matter because they get married based on the stars in Buddhism and Hinduism.

  • Each couple have a specific time.

  • They can get married at, for example, at 10 25 AM on a rainy day on a week day, this couple must get married.

  • Traditional band comes family attends, all dressed up rituals are upheld and at this exact minute for they are married because if they marry at that specific time, they will live happily ever after.

  • The world is filled with cultures, traditions and beliefs that are so different than ours.

  • This'll is just one example on the world as a billion more e before you go.

  • One last thing.

  • That video you just saw I made using this camera and this microphone.

  • But for the first time ever, I'm ditching my camera and I'm picking up my podcasting equipment because, yes, I'm starting a podcast.

  • It's called Mass talks.

  • It's free and it's on Lee on Spotify.

  • And if you liked that video, I think you're gonna love the podcast because I just wanted to make a podcast about things that I would listen to about topics that I wanna listen.

  • Thio.

  • Yes, no stocks is 100% honest and raw and deep, and by the way, it's 100% free.

  • So keep your money and give me your ears.

  • Because if you like this video, I think you're gonna love this podcast.

today my girlfriend and I decided Thio Yes, get married Here in Papua New Guinea, they have some of the most colorful weddings.

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