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  • the simple show explains graphene.

  • This'll is graphene.

  • Let's call him Mr G.

  • He is the first material that is two dimensional.

  • This gives him a unique set of properties.

  • Since 18 59 Many scientists were looking for graphene using complex experiments.

  • But the first crystals of graphene were discovered in 2000 and four, using a very simple and effective method, namely ordinary Scotch tape.

  • During Friday evening experiments in Manchester, scientists noticed small parts of graphene on the tape used to clean a graphite stone.

  • The two scientists, Andrey Game and Constantino Vasilev, were awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 for this simple but ground breaking experiment.

  • Thanks to the Scotch tape method, this area of science grew extremely quickly, and today hundreds of laboratories all over the world deal with different aspects of G research.

  • What makes Mr G a really super material is the combination of his unique properties.

  • G is the first to de Cristal ever known to us.

  • The thinnest object ever obtained on also the lightest one G is the world's strongest material harder than diamond Onda, about 300 times stronger than steel G conducts electricity much better than copper.

  • G is a transparent material.

  • G is bendable on.

  • Could take any form you want on this unique super material gave birth to a new class of crystals that also are just one atom thin.

  • And what's more fantastic is that these could be shuffled with each other to engineer new materials on demand to meet the special needs of different industries.

  • Aled These factors moved graphene swiftly from the G research laboratory to the G marketplace, driven by demand from industries where such super materials are required.

  • Aerospace, automotive, electron ICS, energy storage coatings and paints, communications sensor, solar oil, etcetera.

  • Thanks to mass production methods intensively being developed, expect to meet Mr G in person soon.

the simple show explains graphene.

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What is Graphene?

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