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  • thistles, your typical Chinese wanton, plump, juicy and packed with minced meat.

  • And this there's a bubble want on.

  • You can only find them in the eastern city of pseudo.

  • We know they're tiny, they're skin is so thin that you can actually see through it.

  • But the coolest thing about these wall taunts is that when you place them in the water, they will float straight to the top.

  • This small family shop in Su Zhou has been making bubble wanted for over 20 years.

  • Wantonness simple enough to make it just needs a rapper made with flour and water and a small dab off salted mince park.

  • Uh, give way.

  • Kind of a, uh yeah.

  • So we got you.

  • Now, don't say yeah, that stuff we need That's two years where the other type off type out off our financial So eager to see your sister, Let me tell you have landed little Chairwoman Sen.

  • Higher changing Look, you know, from the hardest part is getting the fold right and creating an air pocket so it floats.

  • We want politics, honey.

  • In Holland initiation about Anthony somewhat about actually having yeah, that wrapped wanton is cooked in water and then served in soup made from chicken and pork bones.

  • Mhm Every day.

  • The shop makes about 4000 of these little guys.

  • A bowl with about 20 wontons sells for just 85 cents the gentry dollars or to the concrete.

  • And so tired.

  • Your question Filipina, four minutes.

  • How do you find that?

  • And also my childhood?

  • Uh huh.

  • Now you have mine *** buying in this.

  • How do you?

  • The wonton has been part of Chinese cuisine for a long time.

  • The English word want on comes from the Cantonese word for it one ton, which means swallowing clouds because of how they look when they're swirling and soup.

  • And while they might look like dumplings, they're different because they have a much thinner skin and are usually served in sooth bubble.

  • Wanton was the local secret until Hong Kong actress Carina Lau visited the store a Lantana Camara.

  • So you kind of a champion.

  • The celebrity endorsement plunged him into the spotlight, and now they are a pseudo institution color.

  • What did search what they saw?

  • Those is the way the media much snow we don't send up, take a smoother 10 years apiece.

  • Champion E wonton really is just mostly skin.

  • So why isn't there more meat?

  • Yeah, uh, because it's a black and blue.

  • Yeah.

  • How did you get a load of me?

  • So it was a night on your show a shit which is also on later, e It's on some A Yeah.

thistles, your typical Chinese wanton, plump, juicy and packed with minced meat.

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These ‘Bubble Wontons’ Burst in Your Mouth

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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