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  • during your job search.

  • You may have had quite a few interviews, and I hope you have had interviews.

  • So we're gonna talk a little bit about the whole interview process, and it can be nerve wracking.

  • So the more you can take your mind through the experience of interviewing, the better it is, especially if you haven't done it before.

  • There's the one on one interview, which is with you and an interviewer.

  • There's a panel interview, which is typically two or more people interviewing you.

  • Then there are group interviews, which is you and other candidates interviewing for the job altogether.

  • There are selection tests, and that's where they're testing your problem, solving skills with interviews.

  • And there's the hidden interviews.

  • That's when you're unaware that you're being interviewed.

  • So these are the possible interviews you could be going into.

  • So how do you prepare for this?

  • The most important thing is that you learn to just relax and use your poor building skills and remember the person interviewing it.

  • They are just a human being there, just like you remember to use their name and look them in the eye when you respond to any of the questions they have treat other applicants in the interview process with respect.

  • Remember, they've worked Justus hard as you to get their asses.

  • Well, remember to be the best version of yourself in that interview.

  • It's okay to be nervous.

  • In fact, being nervous gets the brain to realize that we've got to be alert and aware.

  • So even if you feel nervous, just include that.

  • There's a ton of information out there on interview skills and techniques.

  • The more you review this and get across it, you'll feel more confident going in.

  • The best thing you could be doing is practice with people around you and get really comfortable with going into interviews.

during your job search.

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How to prepare for an interview

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