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  • What is a Depression

  • Depression Is a common and serious medical Illness That Negatively affects How you Feel the way you think and how you act

  • Fortunately It Is also Treatable

  • Depression Causes Feelings of Sadness And/or a Loss of interest in activities Once Enjoyed It can Lead to a Variety of emotional and Physical

  • problems and can decrease a Person's ability to Function at Work and at Home

  • Depression Symptoms Can Vary From Mild to severe and can include Changes in appetite

  • Weight Loss or gain Unrelated to dieting trouble sleeping or sleeping too much Feeling Worthless or Guilty

  • Difficulty Thinking

  • concentrating or making decisions Thoughts of Death or suicide

  • Symptoms Must Last at Least Two Weeks for a Diagnosis of Depression

  • Also Medical Conditions for Example Thyroid problems a Brain Tumor or

  • Vitamin Deficiency Can Mimic Symptoms of Depression so it is important to rule Out General medical Causes

  • Depression Is among The most treatable of Mental Disorders

  • Between 80% and 90% of People with depression eventually Respond Well to treatment

  • How to reduce the symptoms of Depression Regular exercise Helps create positive Feeling and improve Mood

  • getting Enough Quality Sleep on a Regular Basis eating a Healthy diet and avoid the Alcohol can Also Help pre Reduce symptoms of Depression

What is a Depression

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What is Depression?

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