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  • why cup ramen is so popular worldwide, explained in three minutes.

  • Hi, I'm Sarah.

  • I couldn't live without cup ramen.

  • I wonder who invented it.

  • Sarah's friend Taco is quite a gourmet and happy to explain.

  • The history of instant noodles begins in Japan In 1958 when Momofuku Ando invented instant ramen, Momofuku was chairman of a credit association.

  • But it failed, and he lost everything.

  • It was just after the war, food was scarce and many were eating in the streets.

  • At ramen noodle stands, Momofuku saw a demand for Rahman that anyone could make quickly.

  • He conducted many experiments in his garden shed.

  • Inspired by temperature, he eventually developed a method for frying noodles in hot oil.

  • Put these noodles in a bowl, simply add hot water and they're ready to eat.

  • This was the first instant ramen.

  • Instant ramen was a huge hit.

  • Momofuku wanted to expand overseas, but there was a problem.

  • People in many countries weren't used to eating from balls with chopsticks.

  • On a trip to America, he saw people putting his noodles in paper cups and eating them with forks.

  • This gave him an idea.

  • Noodles in their own cup, easy to eat with a fork, too.

  • 1971 saw the launch of the world's first Cup ramen product Cup noodles.

  • The cup has three functions.

  • Its packaging, cookware and table ware.

  • This was a truly revolutionary idea.

  • His invention meant meals could be stored at room temperature and cooked anywhere just by adding hot water.

  • Cup noodles and other cup ramen products quickly spread from Japan throughout the World Cup ramen is now sold in over 80 countries and regions.

  • In 2016 worldwide demand reached almost 20 billion.

  • One reason cut ramen is so popular everywhere is that soup and seasoning can easily be changed to match local tastes.

  • So, for example, German consumers love mushroom soup.

  • And in Thailand, the favorite variety is Tom Yum coun.

  • But the key to making the tastiest cut ramen is adding the right amount of hot water and waiting for the correct time.

  • No more, no less weight for exactly three minutes.

  • Why three minutes is just long enough to comfortably stimulates the appetite.

  • And as they say, hunger is the best spice.

  • Thanks to talk.

  • Ooh, I now get the picture, but three minutes are almost up.

  • Please excuse me.

why cup ramen is so popular worldwide, explained in three minutes.

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A Brief History Of Cup Noodles

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