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  • (upbeat music)

  • - [Narrator] In the midst of the George Floyd tragedy,

  • hundreds of surfers in New York's Rockaway

  • came together in their own way to honor his life

  • and to protest against racial injustices.

  • - [Group] Black lives matter!

  • - When things happen in the community,

  • you gotta speak up on it.

  • When you're silent, you're violent.

  • That's why I speak my mind, so you don't always have

  • to listen, but for you young people, listen.

  • And they came and it was beautiful.

  • (uplifting music)

  • I'm Lou Harris. I'm the East Coast founder

  • of the Black Surfing Association

  • and we provide free surf lessons, free skateboard lessons

  • for the kids of Rockaway.

  • A lot of kids don't have money to save for a board.

  • That's why I'm glad I get donations

  • and I get to give them away for free.

  • We'll do surfing on Saturdays from 8 to 10,

  • and then we'll do skateboarding from 11 to one Saturday

  • and same things on Sundays

  • and during the summer, it's everyday.

  • (cheerful music)

  • I got into surfing cause I moved here 15 years ago

  • and I needed an outlet, I needed something to do.

  • I walked up to the boardwalk on beach 90th street

  • and I saw people surfing.

  • I was like whoa.

  • They surf here?

  • I taught myself how to surf

  • and I've been surfing ever since.

  • You know, I surf big waves, small waves, hurricane waves.

  • I remember there wasn't too many black surfers.

  • It was me and maybe a couple of other kids.

  • These young, you know, African Americans they live here

  • and they should know what goes on in their own backyard.

  • You should know the sandbar, you should know the drop offs,

  • you should know all that.

  • It's good for young kids to get exposed

  • because I want kids to see that the line up doesn't have

  • to be particularly white all the time.

  • That's what it usually is.

  • It's great to see a Black face here and there,

  • Spanish face here, Asian face here.

  • - [Narrator] Lou's mission uses surfing not only

  • to empower kids in his community, but also as a tool

  • to bring people together.

  • (inspirational music)

  • And recently, he did exactly that.

  • Lou organized a paddle out to raise awareness

  • for Black Lives Matter.

  • - A paddle out is most of the time when a surfer dies.

  • You paddle out into a circle and you throw flowers

  • into the water and you splash the water.

  • Today was a great paddle out

  • because we got to say all the black lives matter.

  • I thought it was gonna be a hundred people.

  • This was over 300 and I'm still in shock.

  • I'm just happy who came and, like again, I'm blown away,

  • but you know white people,

  • they're the one starting the chant.

  • They're the one saying no justice, no peace.

  • It's Black people getting killed,

  • but this was predominately white people

  • and they're beautiful people

  • and they're getting sick of it too.

  • - [Group] Don't shoot!

  • - When people see me, you know, they don't see a surfer.

  • They see a Black guy.

  • But this is my backyard and I love it.

  • Today was probably the most successful day

  • of my life being an African American man.

  • I mean, my little voice started a 300 person movement today.

(upbeat music)

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How Surfers Are Rallying for Black Lives Matter

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