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  • It's just hard knowing you feel sad.

  • Feeling sad is nothing to be scared of, Nancy.

  • Sometimes it's just a part of life.

  • I know the feeling will pass eventually.

  • On days like today,

  • I just need to sit with my blues for awhile.

  • ( music playing )

  • When you were here we'd find fun

  • Where you'd never think it would be

  • Folding our socks would become

  • One long night of laughter and glee

  • Memories in the air

  • In this house and in my mind

  • Of the love you left behind

  • Seasons, they come and they go

  • And the days can slip into years

  • Feelings can fade, but they don't ♪

  • Because the trace of you is still here

  • Photos in their frames

  • Precious moments that remind

  • Of the love you left behind

  • When I sit at our piano

  • It brings sun into the shadows

  • My dear

  • Sadness isn't scary

  • When you know it's temporary

  • You're here

  • Some days hurt more than I'd like

  • ♪ I get lonely, sad for awhile

  • But if I see a bird taking flight

  • Oh, my heartache turns to a smile

  • ♪ I'm lucky that I don't ♪

  • Have to look too far to find

  • The love you left behind

  • You're always by my side

  • And forever, you'll be mine

  • ♪ I'm the love you left

  • Behind

  • I guess being sad

  • isn't anything to be afraid of.

  • Nope. It might be a little uncomfortable,

  • but if you just sit with your feelings, they'll pass.

  • They may even lead to something new.

  • Like a sublime song?

  • Yes, darling, like a sublime song.

It's just hard knowing you feel sad.

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Nancy Learns About Sadness ? | Music Video | Fancy Nancy | Disney Junior

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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