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  • Nobody move!!!!

  • Let him know we're not a threat.

  • Not a threat?

  • Didn't we just blow up his home?

  • Uuuuuuhhhhh...

  • Aaaaaaaaaah!!

  • Come on! Come on!

  • It worked.

  • Perfect. You have completed the Orca.

  • And by the looks of it, it works.

  • Come with me and we will let the rest of these creatures loose.

  • Okay.

  • Really Mom?

  • We must nuke Godzilla.

  • It is the only way.

  • Our torpedo system is broken. I must do it by hand.

  • It is time.

  • Let me die.

  • Are you sure there's nothing we can do?

  • Let me die.

  • Maybe go back to the surface and get another sub?

  • Let me die.

  • Maybe give these coordinates to the government

  • so they can send a nuke right now?

  • Let me DIE!

  • You just want to stop being in these movies don't you?

  • Let me die. :(

  • Hahaha, ya missed!

  • Hahahaha!

  • What were you even aiming at?

  • To the sky boys!

  • Okay!

  • Oh Nooo. Godzilla?

  • Oh he can't fly.

  • Oh nooooo!! (taunting)

  • Oh look who doesn't have wings!

  • Who doesn't have wings?

  • Hahaha.

  • Godzilla. Godzilla doesn't have wings.

  • Oh Godzilla!

  • No he's just right there on the ground.

  • How are you... how are you king of the monsters if you can't fly?

  • Yeah right!

  • What is that move!

  • Oh!!! woah woah woah!! What is this!!

  • He's coming right for us!!!

  • Aaaaaaahhhhh!

  • Aaaaaaahhhh!

  • He really is the king!

  • Hurry! Get as far away as you can.

  • Mom-

  • And I will drag Ghidorah away!

  • Okay!

  • MOM!

  • WHAT?!

  • You already turned that thing on.

  • Ghidorah is coming for it.

  • I KNOW!

  • But I need to get in the car with it and drive away.

  • Mom that thing is a giant flying monster!!!!

  • Don't be dumb.

  • Yeah. You're right.

  • I probably would have died!

  • Sorry. I just get so crazy sometimes!!

  • I think I want to live with dad now...

  • HEY!

  • Friends. Don't. Fight.

Nobody move!!!!

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How Godzilla King of the Monsters Should Have Ended

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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