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  • comics fans rejoice.

  • This episode is sponsored by fandom.

  • DCs Fandom is an unprecedented 24 hour, truly immersive global virtual fan experience.

  • Best of all, there's no lines and no badges required.

  • It's free.

  • Expect to see new things about upcoming movies like The Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman 84.

  • Seriously, we could all use that movie about now, right?

  • I know I'm excited for it.

  • D C Fandom will be on August 22nd, starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and accessible globally at www dot d c fandom dot com.

  • Welcome to a world where the supernatural is natural, where more than 80% of the population possesses superhuman abilities known as quirks.

  • And because everyone loves to game a system, there's a superhero leaderboard.

  • At the very top of it stands the ultimate hero.

  • All might all mights.

  • Feats and reputation were incredible, a true symbol of peace for everyone, that is everyone except the hero perpetually stuck at rank number two.

  • That's Endeavor, and he vowed to surpass all night, but his literal firepower was just never enough.

  • But if he couldn't do it himself, he would vicariously through his own air.

  • Thus he made the desperate decision to arrange a quirk marriage.

  • Basically, he paid a family off to get a wife with a nice quirk and popped out kids until he got the right quirk combo gross like Anita shower.

  • After four attempts, they finally spawned the child he was looking for.

  • Show Totota Rocchi half cold, half hot, literally right sides ice like his mom and left sides, Fire like his dead endeavor, quickly separated young Todoroki from his supposedly lesser siblings, ruthlessly training him to become the most powerful hero in history.

  • Surprise things didn't go.

  • So will, he.

  • Drove showed his mom totally insane until she broke pouring boiling water on her son's left side because it reminded her too much of him.

  • Okay, this is getting super heavy for a colorful cartoon about superpowers and frog people.

  • Fortunately, Todoroki never truly fell for his father's disgusting manipulation.

  • He attended you a high school ah, hero academy and work to use his power for good, but just his mom's power.

  • Why use fire when you can stick it to the man, the man being a big, scary fire dead over there?

  • Anyone else notice his facial hair is made of fire.

  • How's that word?

  • From his right side, Todoroki can summon intense bouts of coal, freezing the air or even creating massive glaciers of ice.

  • Talk about overkill.

  • And like a good, eggy teen, you don't need this super iceberg.

  • Something bad as heaven piercing ice.

  • Whoa!

  • Oh, you could just taste the self loathing.

  • He can create sheets of ice to slide on or propel himself forward as if writing a heli.

  • While he can't manipulate the ice after he's launched it, he has extremely precise control over its initial release.

  • He can even freeze opponents so thoroughly that they are frozen both inside and out, effortlessly causing necrosis and shattering body parts.

  • Talk about ice cold.

  • Seriously, that's so dark.

  • It's chilling.

  • Save the puns for later Boom stick.

  • This is serious.

  • What are you gonna do?

  • Give me the cold shoulder?

  • Freeze this preview here and then sounds ice to me.

comics fans rejoice.

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Todoroki Flashfires into DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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