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  • I just want to start with that many.

  • Believe that you are the best in the sport right now.

  • What more do you need to be to accomplish To be the best ever?

  • I think I need a couple more fights.

  • I think couple more fights are gonna be, uh, great for my legacy.

  • Thank you for being on the show when you talk about this next fight versus Geechee.

  • Uh, this guy seems to be a knockout.

  • Artists out.

  • An impressive resume Not as impressive as yours.

  • Uh, are you concerned about anything specifically going up against this guy compared to the other fights you've had in your career?

  • Yeah.

  • No, it's Justin is very interesting.

  • Fighting fighter is very exciting about his last fight.

  • I was very impressed.

  • It was great performance.

  • You know how to wrestle.

  • Have to kick out toe punch here.

  • Good experience, but same time, I feel I'm gonna make him tired.

  • I'm and I'm gonna finish this guy.

  • This is my opinion, you know, But I'm ready for all around.

  • You know, all five round war, But my goal on this fight make him target and choke him out.

  • B, if you win and your favorite to do so.

  • You've never lost 28 no, 18 times inside the distance.

  • Best pound for pound fighter in the world Trying as you said to be the best ever, you need a few more fights to cement your legacy.

  • You feel if you win.

  • And in fact, Connor McGregor fights puree and beats him.

  • Are you interested in that rematch?

  • You know, I don't like the word if if, if, like, well, certainly certainly.

  • You're planning on winning this fight, right?

  • And your favorite to do so.

  • So I assume if you need some more fights for your legacy, that would include defending your title.

  • The logical contender would be the winner of McGregor Emporia.

  • So?

  • So let me ask you a different way.

  • Would you have any objection to fighting McGregor again if he puts himself in position to challenge for your title?

  • You know about both of them?

  • I finished both of them and finished in a dominant position, you know, dominant with dominant performance.

  • And I'm not interesting on both of these guys because I need something new.

  • I need something new blood, new energy, you know, like just engaging.

  • Give me new new motivation.

  • You know, Israel deal.

  • Right now he's interim chain is very tough guy on.

  • If I think about both Dustin and Corner, they don't give me good energy.

  • They don't give me maturation.

  • Fight For what?

  • For what?

  • For my legacy.

  • I already put these guys on my, uh, on my desk.

  • You know, I already beat them.

  • Everything finished with these guys?

  • You know, I need new some someone you mentioned earlier.

  • You need a few more fights for your legacy.

  • And I mentioned on when John Jones was on this show that you might be the best I've seen in m m A.

  • And a lot of mm.

  • A people are like, Come on, he hasn't fought enough guys yet in all this.

  • And, you know, you talked about Anderson Silva and John Jones, arm or proven.

  • Who are the fights that you think you need?

  • If it's not the winner of McGregor poorer, if that fight comes off, you say you need more to cement your legacy.

  • Who does motivate you?

  • Who do you want to fight next?

  • Presuming you win?

  • I really become exciting when I think about George ST Pierre and I don't know.

  • You want to fight with me or not?

  • Can he make weight 1 55 or not?

  • But this fight make me exciting.

  • Honestly, on.

  • And I think my versus Jones is gonna be very, very big fight.

  • Very big fight, you know, like big fight for firings.

  • Big fight for paper will big fight for, like, analytics.

  • Like for everybody, for fighters.

  • You know, this is this is only fighting.

  • You see, what makes me after gauge what makes me very exciting.

  • Okay, Fair enough Saturday, one step closer to becoming the best ever.

  • Habib.

  • Thank you so much for the time and best of luck this weekend.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

I just want to start with that many.

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