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  • Sichuan cuisine is heavy on spices, oil and meat, so to balance it out, people eat pickles.

  • A lot of it.

  • You'll see it served on the side or cooked into a dish.

  • And in Sichuan, almost every family has this.

  • Ah, large pickle pot filled to the brim with seasonal vegetables.

  • Way went to the Sichuan countryside to learn how to make these pickles.

  • Chinese food is more than just stir fry noodles and dumplings.

  • I'm Claressa on.

  • We are taking you on a journey through China to try authentic Chinese food.

  • Region by region.

  • They're not your ordinary pickles.

  • Most pickles you find out a grocery store are preserved in vinegar and sealed in high heat.

  • This helps them last longer, but also deprives them of beneficial bacteria.

  • Sichuan pickles, on the other hand, are immersed in brine.

  • The salt kills harmful bacteria but allows good ones to flourish.

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  • It also includes a motley blend of other spices.

  • The first is peppercorn.

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  • Finally, salt is added tha tha tha brian makes his boiled and left to cool in room temperature.

  • And then it's time to prep the vegetables which grows everywhere in Sichuan.

  • These air bamboo shoots and we went foraging for them earlier that day.

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  • The water seal keeps bacteria from getting in, but let's oxygen escape positive, Johanna.

  • And then it's off to the kitchen where the pickles air prepped and cooked.

  • Some are served with a dollop of chili sauce.

  • Others air cooked with fish.

  • The result is a much more balanced dish.

  • Three acidity of the pickles mellows out the fat and oil.

  • The beauty of the Sichuan pickle jar is that it's an ongoing project.

  • It could be replenished and added to indefinitely, especially don't talk booth on according to show.

  • The secret to a fantastic pickle is a good hand.

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Sichuan cuisine is heavy on spices, oil and meat, so to balance it out, people eat pickles.

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