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  • fermented rice soup and grilled rice cakes.

  • Thes air.

  • The staple Chinese New Year desserts for Dan Sheesh Elka and her family.

  • And they are delicious.

  • Can she?

  • Shaka is a Chinese swagger from Yunnan.

  • She's known for her soothing cooking videos, which are all films in the countryside, and we got to hang with her.

  • In our previous episode, we got an exclusive interview and private tour of her home.

  • In this episode, she's going to teach us all about Chinese New Year desserts from her home province of Yunnan.

  • And be sure to stick around until the end, where she reveals the biggest difficulty she faced when she first started out making video.

  • Kimchi Shell goes house doesn't have a central heating system.

  • So to keep warm on cold winter nights show light a fire like this one and maybe grill a couple of things on top for good measure Uh, a 20 make a different way.

  • Uh huh.

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  • You should hold me away.

  • You Don Diego Trandenkova hijacking Gonna measure.

  • The first dish is a sweet fermented rice suit.

  • She actually made the fermented rice a week before we came and broke down the whole process in this video.

  • And not only did she ferment the rice, she made three dishes with it.

  • They're steamed pumpkins, steamed buns, steamed pork and a sweet soup made with rice balls.

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  • Is that okay?

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  • And then finally she throws in a poached egg.

  • Just meal without, uh, humility.

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  • Short way to kind of home you can find with How bad guys guys, that money.

  • What have you been?

  • Uh, about that?

  • Oh, wow.

  • So I've never had anything like this before, but I really like it.

  • It's a good dessert.

  • And then it's time to grill the rice cakes called er quiet.

  • In Yunnan, rice is steamed, pounded with a water powered mill Uh huh.

  • And then rolled out.

  • It could be made into all different shapes and sizes.

  • When roasted, they puff up like a tortilla.

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  • And when it's done, you can either eat it plain or brush a bit of spicy fermented tofu or guru on top, eh?

  • So you can really taste the food, which is a fermented bean curd.

  • Andi.

  • It adds a layer of saltiness to this, um, very carby rice pancake.

  • It's really interesting.

  • It's, um there's a nutty taste to the rice pancake in itself and the full rule, um, just gives it the umami flavor, which is really good.

  • Mhm.

  • It's comfort food at its finest.

  • In a perfect end to a winter evening, sweet soup paired with nutty rice cakes enjoyed next to the warmth of a fire.

  • And for Shaka and her family, it's all a really treat you, uh, John ***.

  • Yeah, baby male model Frank Sugar Nation.

  • Hold with, uh, Xi, Jin Cong shitty up.

  • Next shall go.

  • We'll see just how to make handmade noodles and tell us the story behind her knife.

  • Stay tuned thing only cases This the whole corn in the booth.

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fermented rice soup and grilled rice cakes.

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Dianxi Xiaoge’s Homemade Rice Cakes and Fermented Rice Soup (At Home With DXXG - E2)

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