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  • Conakry is burning.

  • Although the outcome of Guinea's presidential election is still days away, the prospect of a third presidential term for incumbent Alfa Conde is fueling desperation and fury among supporters off the opposition.

  • E.

  • I am speaking to the Election Commission.

  • Alfa Conde has been in power since 2000 and 10.

  • Instead of dialogue, we, all of Guinea, chose the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea.

  • That's what Guinea wants.

  • If the UFDD is not elected, Guinea will not be calm.

  • But Guinea is already far from calm.

  • The current bout of violence started the day after the election when opposition candidate Dear Law declared himself the winner off the ballot before the release off.

  • Official results E am victorious in this election in the first round e but it was too soon to celebrate.

  • Over the last few days, the Election Commission has made official results available as they come in from constituencies, and so far they're not confirming the victory That dialogue claimed was his man.

  • In the lead is Alpha Conde, the man who sled Guinea.

  • For the past 10 years, three opposition is crying foul and has been venting their anger on the streets with deadly consequences, says Guinea security minister.

  • Four bodies in Conakry.

  • Four bodies of gunshot victims in the morgues of dunker and Ignace Deen hospitals.

  • One death from a stab wound to death from firearms in K C W E B du.

  • Those weren't the only victims off Guineas post election violence and there are fears there will be more.

  • On Wednesday night, D L Law called on his supporters to continue their fight in a Twitter video posted from home.

  • You are already fighting heroically and Conakry and across the country despite savage repression.

  • Despite arbitrary arrests and intimidation, this fight is heroic and it will inevitably be victorious.

  • The're country now awaits the final results of the election, but by the looks of the last few days, it's unlikely they'll resolve the tension.

  • Let's go over to D.

  • W.

  • Is West Africa correspondent Fred Move on you.

  • He is in Lagos.

  • Hi, Fred.

  • It's good to see you Is some kind of a power sharing compromise plausible in Guinea?

  • I say this because when we've had similar instances, another part of the continent, that's what it's come down to.

  • Is it possible in Guinea?

  • Um, Christian at this main main rivals in Guinea that is the incumbent president Andi opposition figure SARU zero thistle is the third time that that actually they're they're contesting eso.

  • In the last two times, there have been nothing like this, like talking about power sharing.

  • So this time no one knows whether they go upto that.

  • But what we know is that the incumbent President Alpha Conde, has said that, uh, in case he wins direction, he's willing to talk with the opposition.

  • Okay, the result is still in contention.

  • Um, but were there any independent election observers, Frieden And what have they said s so far?

  • The African Union on the ECOWAS, That's the regional block off West Africa.

  • They have already declared that the voting process was transparent, something that has been disputed by the opposition in Guinea on Do you have to know that the opposition, he said video himself has declared a winner even before the electoral commission announces the official results.

  • So at this moment, the Observer said that the election electoral process was transparent, But the people in Guinea, they contest that narrative.

  • Okay, Fred, just just coming back to to these two men contending for this presidency.

  • And, as if you write really told us it's the third time they're having a go at it.

  • Um, they've got both got big profiles in Guinea.

  • The incumbent, though President Alpha Conde is he mawr than another old man clinging to power?

  • Well, that seems to be the part, and especially in the West Africa, a region where currently you see what is happening in Ivory Coast.

  • They have had to change the Constitution so that the incumbent president can run for a third time.

  • Then the same thing happens in Guinea, where African has actually been in power for only two times for 10 years.

  • Hey has forced to change the Constitution so that he can run for another term.

  • But people have to know that this guy cannot be in the same basket as other people who have bean in power for two decades, three decades, even four decades.

  • He's just been in powerful, honored thio two times.

  • That's 10 years, Uh, but then the change off the Constitution it's off raises questions about his motives on his age.

  • Also is very questionable.

  • He's 82 years old.

  • Uh, Fred, what about his main Challenger CELLO Delhi, India Low.

  • He's no newcomer to political power, is he?

  • Yes.

  • He's very, very known.

  • He has occupied several ministerial posts on the, uh, President Hassan al content.

  • That is, some couple of years ago.

  • He has Bean, also the prime Minister.

  • He's very, very experienced politician, Aunt.

  • He has also massive support from Franny community, which is really one of the biggest, um, ethnic group in Guinea.

  • So he has massive support he has experienced, but off course, he's facing a very strong, uh, incumbent President Fred, When can we expect the final official results from this election?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • The final official results are expected, uh, in eight days.

  • That means that after the provisional results have been announced, then the candidates have at least eight days to file a petition in Supreme Court.

  • Just in case they have, they have problems.

  • They questioned the results on.

  • Then the Constitutional Court will declare the final results.

  • But if any candidate gets below 50 then there will be a 2nd 2nd brand, which is scheduled on 24th of November.

  • All right, that's Fred Mooney in Lagos for us.

  • Thank you for it.

  • You're welcome.

Conakry is burning.

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Tensions high in Guinea: Opposition leader claims victory in presidential election | DW News

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