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  • Hey guys! This is a special video where I'm going to show you a cool feature on YouTube,

  • and ask you if you have time to help other people

  • who speak your native language learn English.

  • Some of you may know this already but YouTube has a feature that allows anyone,

  • including you, to submit a translation of the subtitles.

  • If you've used my subtitles, then you know that I create

  • English subtitles for every video.

  • First, let me show you some of these features.

  • Here's my video on how to make the AH as in Bat vowel.

  • And if you go over here, you can press the CC button to turn the subtitles off and on.

  • But if you click this gear for settings,

  • you can then click on subtitles

  • and you can see that there are four different languages here: the English, which I made

  • and I put -RE here, so you know that that's something I made.

  • It's not just the automatic captions.

  • Then someone has contributed Portuguese,

  • Russian, and Vietnamese caption file as well.

  • So you can select which language you would like to see the subtitles in.

  • So a great way for you to not only work on your language skills but also help someone else

  • whose English skills might not be as advanced as yours,

  • is to create a translation of the captions.

  • Let me show you how to do that and how to keep track of them.

  • YouTube has some pretty cool features

  • and you may find that this becomes a fun hobby of yours.

  • Let's say you find a video that you want to add captions to.

  • This video is where I showed people my wedding photos

  • from several years ago and it doesn't have any contributed caption translations.

  • So what you can do is you can go click on the Settings button

  • and then click on 'subtitles'

  • and then there's an option to add subtitles.

  • So when you click on that button, it opens another tab.

  • To start, you select the language that you want to add.

  • Let's say I'm going to add Spanish subtitles.

  • You open it up and then it takes you to the page where you can watch the video

  • and then you also see in the left-hand side here.

  • The English caption file which I've made and then there's a place for you to translate each caption.

  • So I could start typing in Spanish what I wanted to,

  • what I thought was a good translation for this...

  • and so on, I won't type the whole caption translation here.

  • But when you're done, you can delete it if you feel like you've messed up and you don't want to save it.

  • You can submit if you're done and you're ready

  • and if you're not, if you don't have time to finish it all at once,

  • it will save what you've typed into your drafts

  • so it automatically saves every time you add something.

  • If you want, you can click credit my contribution,

  • which I believe means that it will link back to you

  • so that people can know who contributed these awesome translations.

  • To keep track of your translations,

  • you can click on the 'your contributions' tab here in the left bar menu

  • and you can see videos that you have submitted

  • that you're done with and then you can also see your drafts.

  • So this is where you can come back and edit if you don't have time to finish all at once.

  • How many of you out there feel that your skills are good enough to do this?

  • Please pick your favorite Rachel's English video

  • and see if there's already a translation for your language there.

  • If not, start one. See what it feels like.

  • Maybe it's fun and you end up finishing and submitting it.

  • I can't wait to see how many translations we get in the next few weeks.

  • Think of the positive impact you're going to have on somebody who needs that translation.

  • One of the things I found to be really incredible about YouTube

  • is that you can create something and put it out there

  • and end up changing people's lives. It's awesome!

  • And I have no doubt that the translations on my videos are used.

  • Maybe some of you have already contributed translations

  • to my channel or videos on others' channels.

  • Awesome. You know what I'm talking about.

  • To everyone else, take a minute to play around with this powerful YouTube feature.

  • That's it and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

Hey guys! This is a special video where I'm going to show you a cool feature on YouTube,

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You Can Translate YouTube Videos Subtitle English to Other Languages!

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