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  • they could be tiny away.

  • They could be larger than light.

  • But one thing these replicas have in common, they look just like the real thing.

  • Here is the fascinating world of models, just like our own.

  • Where can you see the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint Michelle and the Arc de Triomphe?

  • Or within a few steps of each other?

  • France, of course.

  • Well, miniature France.

  • Okay.

  • Located two hours outside of Paris miniature France is a theme park made in the image of riel France.

  • But at 1/30 of the original size, the park is 12 acres in size and features 117 different monuments.

  • Miniature France was built by a team of 50 model makers and landscape architects, ensuring that each model is an exact replica of its larger counterpart.

  • To make this hybrid city come to life, they're animated trains cause and planes that move around the region.

  • And while you might not have time to see all the rial friends has to offer in one day, you can make your way around this park in one afternoon.

  • Although your photos might not be the scale does your prescription.

  • Thank you.

  • It's just a you know that was the problem.

  • E your project, Mr Regimes Sustaining a video?

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • Deep in the suburbs of Moscow in a town called Nova Silky Sergei and his comrades tirelessly work on a pretty unique hobby.

  • Through years of experimenting and prototyping, they've taught themselves how to build life sized tanks out of a garage all in the name of celebrating Russian history.

  • You must excuse like what is not assumed, My little beauty Brooks RG It is.

  • I need to move.

  • Really needed a good action.

  • Execution, daughter not taking Uh huh.

  • Yes.

  • We should deal with a government college.

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  • But it also get college toe skeptical group has achievement because that good Thank you.

  • Can you smooth wide Muslim?

  • Because changes, hope, changes technically school.

  • A lot of work is quite repetitive.

  • The pleats took about two months to Dio Probably did those eyes 10 times even the texture of the skin.

  • They're graceful dancing which I wanted to portrait.

  • That's the whole goal is to make them feel like they're gonna swim away.

  • I'm Stephen Kessler also known as Tusk.

  • I'm a large scale wildlife sculptor.

  • E found sculpture a little later in life in my late thirties, moving from one career to the other, especially into the art world.

  • That's totally scary and foolish thing to Dio.

  • I don't think I had an option after I started sculpting.

  • I think my life was going to be it no matter what I did.

  • E sculptures The whole has inspired me.

  • I mean, it's 24 hour thing for me.

  • Sleep just gets in the way almost when I'm out doing day to day things not being here, that's always running through my head.

  • E don't know if I personally call myself a daydreamer, but E could probably be labeled one.

  • Oh, there is definitely a calming with clay.

  • I usually work 12 hours for three days straight, being able to realize what I want and it quickly.

  • It just seems like it works together with how I process.

  • I've been involved with making three life sized giraffes, 40 ft well, shark, four men arrays, and we're working on this 30 ft iguana.

  • Behind me, The humpback whales took roughly nine months.

  • The inspiration to do these pieces for the aquarium was because Utah is a landlocked state.

  • There's a limited number of people that you see these in real life anyways, to be able to be in the same room, feel the size of it.

  • Hopefully there's an energy to it, hopefully inspire conservation X because of it.

  • If someone says, Oh, I can't sculpt this, it'll be tried by it.

  • You know, you never know what's gonna happen.

  • Open the box of clay, see what's in it.

  • You know, there might be a humpback whale in the future.

  • Yeah, Aleppo Citadel, Thea, Ancient city of Palmyra and the no aureus of Hama, all ancient heritage sites and all destroyed in the Syrian wall.

  • It's a loss not only to Syrians but to the entire world.

  • And thes refugee artists are finding their own way to rebuild what has been lost.

  • And then if you still rule here, I mean, it's an even wider Mr Vehicle model.

  • I'm sure they have been using found materials such as wood, clay and even kabob skewers to make scale models of these historical landmarks.

  • Their work is a way to preserve Syrian history and educate the world about the conflict.

  • And with the dumber of Azula High Way.

  • Had you been Mohammed are later.

  • Uh huh.

  • A thermal can't tell real have our Sabbath.

  • How about all this?

  • The model e stayed sort of.

  • Heaven was like when Husband?

  • Well, far ahead, But sure, actor and even was medical stability.

  • The artists say that by making this work, they're drawing attention and giving what they can to the people of Syria.

  • And I'll get them in the trolley.

  • And the actor animals within Bell Itani, Mohammed Ali Animator Normal here.

  • Mm.

they could be tiny away.

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Mini Eiffel Towers, Giant Whales and Other Model Masterpieces

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