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  • now, You may have seen these pictures in the last couple of days, and they're pretty terrifying away.

  • No.

  • Mhm.

  • This is what happened when a Utah man called Kyle Burgess bumped into a cougar and her cubs while he was on a run.

  • He started filming as the cat confronted him and started pursuing him.

  • The chase lasted six long minutes.

  • It only ended when Mr Burgess through a rocket.

  • The cat.

  • He took this footage moments later.

  • Oh, damn it.

  • Okay.

  • Yeah.

  • So that just happened on weaken.

  • Speak to Carl Burgess.

  • Who's live with us, Karl.

  • Thanks very much for your time is an extraordinary video.

  • Tell me about the moment you realize this cougar was playing you close attention.

  • Well, honestly, once, once I came up on the little baby Cougars, I didn't know they were baby Cougars.

  • I thought there just some other wildlife out there because I've seen bobcats before on the trail.

  • And so once that Mama Cougar came around the corner, that's when I realized it was It is a different situation.

  • It looks Carrie.

  • Very scary.

  • Very scary.

  • I've never never encountered a baby cougar before, or even a mom.

  • A Cougar.

  • And so it's a very new experience for myself and everything I did kind of backing up and making myself look big and as well, Azaz yelling, obviously a lot of explicit words, but it was just kind of a mix of fear and excitement at the same time on I've got to ask you what everyone's thinking.

  • Why were you filming this in the middle of such a terrifying experience?

  • Well, I was already filming.

  • I was already kind of filming for those ah little baby Cubs that I first originally thought were Bobcat's butt.

  • Once I saw Mama come out, it was e just kept going.

  • I didn't stop.

  • I was like, Well, if something does happen to me, I guess I better having on film, right?

  • And this goes on for 56 minutes and still it's not resolved.

  • That's when you reach for a rock.

  • Correct?

  • It went on for a very long time, but and I think the reason it did go on for a long time was because the mama cougar didn't want anything to do with me.

  • Next to her cubs, she was doing what she was supposed to dio.

  • She was supposed.

  • She was just protecting her, her cubs.

  • And so I just went back and back and back before I decided to grab a rock around like that 5 5.5 minute mark.

  • So you throw the rock?

  • Did that give you enough breathing space to then make your way away from the cats?

  • Oh, yes, I Once I throw the rock, it started with her enough.

  • And she left.

  • And I kind of bending down.

  • That's when you see at the end of the like, Whoa, So that just happened, Because I was I was just so surprised.

  • I didn't really know what to think.

  • Like, because I've never seen a bobcat before.

  • Well, you evidently navigated that unusual situation very well, because we're speaking to you now, which is great news.

  • I'm glad.

  • And you filmed it.

  • So we got to see it.

  • And I'm glad you're okay as well.

  • Thank you very much indeed.

  • For your time car.

  • We appreciate it.

  • That's Carl.

  • Live with this from Utah.

  • And if you've seen that clip and millions of you will have done well, that's the man who filmed it.

now, You may have seen these pictures in the last couple of days, and they're pretty terrifying away.

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