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  • working with large documents could be challenging.

  • But adding styles to your text can help.

  • Adding styles, gives you document structure and allows you to make formatting changes that affect the whole document all at once.

  • By default, anything you type in a Google doc ISS styled as normal text to switch styles.

  • Place your cursor in the paragraph that you want to change.

  • Click the styles dropped down, then select the style you want.

  • This is my title, so I'm going to select title.

  • That looks good.

  • Now let's add some headings.

  • I'll select the text I want to change.

  • Go back to the styles drop down and because I want this to be one of my main headings.

  • How click heading one.

  • I'll continue toe add headings as I work through my document for the last heading, I want to do something a little different.

  • I want to make recommendations, a subheading of conclusions, so I'm going to select it, go to the styles, drop down and click heading to notice that the text is a little smaller.

  • This is looking pretty good, but I think these headings look a little too similar.

  • I want to make all of my main headings a little bigger to do this, highlight one of the headings and make whatever formatting changes you want.

  • Then, while the text is still selected, click the styles drop down, hover over, heading one and click Update heading one to match.

  • This will update all of the heading one text throughout the document.

  • You can use the same method toe update all of the other styles in your document as well.

  • Let's say that I want my body text to be a little larger.

  • I'll select a portion of it.

  • Change the font size, go to the styles, drop down, hover over normal text and select update normal text to match.

  • If you create a set of styles that you really like, you can set them to be the default for any new documents that you create.

  • To do this, go to the styles, drop down, hover over options and select save as my default styles.

  • As I mentioned earlier styles air useful not just to change the appearance of your document, but also to give your document structure.

  • We can see this structure by clicking show document outline on the left side of the page If you don't have this option, click view and make sure that there's a check mark next to show document outline.

  • The document outline shows all of the headings in your document.

  • You can navigate through your document by clicking any of these headings, and Google docks will move to that place in your document.

  • If you're used to working with Styles and Microsoft Word, you'll find that many of the features are missing from Google docks.

  • We should also note that styles don't always behave as expected when you add additional formatting, such as lists or tables.

  • Despite these issues, styles are still a useful tool and can help you make documents that look great and are easy to navigate.

  • G c F global.

  • Creating opportunities for a better life.

working with large documents could be challenging.

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A2 BEG document text heading select click update

Google Docs: Working With Style(s)

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