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  • Richard Jefferson and MBA title winner joins us now for some analysis.

  • I feel like there's a little bit of a repeat of our conversation after Game one, but now it's too nothing.

  • You expect LeBron and 82 things they do and they did again.

  • But it's the complementary contributions that really finish it off of the Lakers.

  • Yeah, no, it was really, really impressive when you look at the Laker bench because Danny Green didn't shoot the ball well, KCP didn't shoot the ball well, but the bench did a very, very good job.

  • Morris Caruso.

  • Uh, Kuzma these guys stepped up.

  • This was a game that, in my opinion, if the Miami Heat was at full strength, this Siri's could be 11 But right now, there's as hard as the Miami Heat are playing as well.

  • Coaches.

  • They are.

  • They're just short handed.

  • They don't have enough bodies and they had guys step up.

  • Kelly Olynyk stepped up.

  • Kendrick Nunn played well.

  • Guys were playing well.

  • They're just running out of bodies.

  • They need Mawr, and I don't know where they're going to get Mawr from LeBron and add looked like they've been playing together a lot longer than they have.

  • I mean, they both did great things apart from each other, so that was natural with their talents.

  • But toe have that sink that they have is pretty impressive.

  • Yes, no.

  • The chemistry that they have and there's been so much conversation of the last couple of days is is a d.

  • The best player that LeBron James has ever played with.

  • Well, I think he compliments and extremely well, especially at this point in time in his career.

  • And then when you look at the combination of their size combined with Dwight Howard, combined with Kyle Kuzma in that front court and JaVale McGee, it's so impressive.

  • And in the age of so much small ball, so much.

  • Three point shooting.

  • The Lakers went an opposite direction and said, We're gonna go big, We're gonna go strong and then we're gonna go athletic And they have been dominant in this postseason.

  • You talked after Game one about the Lakers having that advantage, both talent and size.

  • Those air to good advantage is toe have and then the heat.

  • They don't have bam out there, so they're missing the guy in the middle.

  • What was talked about both from Butler and the coach was simply We need to try harder, play harder.

  • Do you really think anybody was lethargic out there?

  • Are they just saying Hey, we're just gonna have to dig deep and find a will and find a way?

  • Well, I'll say this just from being around former Miami Heat players.

  • That's just their mantra in Miami is.

  • No one cares.

  • We have to do it harder.

  • We have to play harder, not saying that they can't make adjustments.

  • But that's what the Miami Heat and the organization have always focused on.

  • We're not focused on.

  • Other players were not focused on other teams.

  • We're focused on how hard we play.

  • But in my opinion, even Erik Spoelstra said it because this was a much better effort Now.

  • This type of effort at full strength most likely would have led to a win if they had bam but the Lakers air doing everything that they're supposed to, they're taking care of business.

  • They're taking down a short handed team.

  • You don't want to give them light because if this Siri's gets prolonged now, all of a sudden maybe bam out of bios shoulder starts feeling better after four or five days, and then he's able to come back.

  • So you want to keep them down while they're down.

  • Richard Jefferson.

  • Thanks for your time.

  • Enjoy.

  • Game three.

  • We'll see you Sunday.

  • Thank you.

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Richard Jefferson and MBA title winner joins us now for some analysis.

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Richard Jefferson reacts to the 'dominant' Lakers' Game 2 win vs. Heat | SportsCenter

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