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  • we all know about the war on drugs I did not inhale.

  • And the war on abortion life begins at conception.

  • Then why did you block a $500 relief payout for pregnant women?

  • Because life begins at birth.

  • Okay, well, then you must be okay with abortion.

  • Life begins at controlling women's bodies.

  • Well, I guess that explains why her against birth control.

  • But did you know about the war on masturbation?

  • Yeah.

  • In the 18 fifties, there was believed to be a condition called spare Monterey area, which was basically the female version of hysteria, which was described as involuntary, seminal loss, usually via nocturnal emission, which in regular talk is you're losing too much sperm, bro.

  • Especially in those wet dreams of yours, was very commonly said by Victorian doctors that masturbation, aka self abuse, leads to more death than all of history's wolves on epidemics.

  • Really?

  • Yes.

  • It also has an eclectic range of negative symptoms like vertigo, migrate, cerebral congestion, melancholy hysteria, convulsions, paralysis, chronic week palpitations and you're dying, covering your body packed rehabilitation and death.

  • Well, then why does it feel so good and relieve the stresses of the day?

  • I'm sorry Are you a doctor?

  • Do you have a doctor's education?

  • Unless you are the one female accepted into Harvard Medical School this year, 18 50 due to social reform that I don't think so.

  • It just seems impossible that touching oneself has caused more death than all of history's wars and epidemics combined.

  • I didn't make realities rules, okay, Does it seem implausible that my sperm is made up of tiny microscopic men that digging giant holes in the ground leads to rain blowing tobacco up the butthole heels, especially in reviving drowning victims?

  • Yes.

  • Actually, a lot of that seems very implausible.

  • That is what science is.

  • My point is, do not self abuse, perhaps by yourself with leather chastity belt.

  • And if you have a husband, buy him some anti masturbation armas.

  • Well, there is a plethora of options I hate this century.

  • Doctors warned married men to limit the amount of sex they had.

  • They told unmarried men not to have sex at all and to particularly avoid masturbation on a lot of these preventative devices created the boat and device.

  • The jumpiness were actually just incredibly painful for men.

  • Anytime they had an erection.

  • Fun fact a woman named Ellen E.

  • Perkins created a cloth bodysuit with metal plates as sexual armor.

  • When she was asked why she created this, she said, It is a deplorable but well known fact that one of the most common causes of insanity imbecility and feeble mindedness, especially in youth, is due to masturbation or self abuse.

  • Ellen even patented her device.

  • Look, January 1906 She thought she would make a fortune with this.

  • Unfortunately, these views didn't go away until the end of the 19th century, when Dr James Piguet questioned the very existence of spermatozoa Kororia.

  • Thankfully, men were eventually told that Hey, sorry, guys.

  • Masturbation is actually not as bad as we thought.

  • And we're really sorry we told you that it caused unspeakable amount of death and pain.

  • I'm Anaconda.

  • You didn't even try to get a sponsor for this video, because who would dare stay awesome?

we all know about the war on drugs I did not inhale.

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The War On Masturbation

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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