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  • You may have recently received a text message

  • advising that compulsory mutual obligation

  • requirements are returning on the 28th of September

  • for States and Territories, excluding Victoria.

  • What are mutual obligation requirements?

  • Well to put it simply, they're the things that you

  • have to do in return for your payment.

  • Your requirements include agreeing to a Job Plan.

  • A Job Plan explains what you agree to do while on payment,

  • and while you're moving towards or back to employment.

  • While you're in online employment services,

  • your Job Plan may include both compulsory and

  • voluntary requirements.

  • Sign in to your account

  • via myGov to review your existing Job Plan or agree

  • to your new one.

  • Your Job Plan will include what we call a Job Search requirement

  • That means each month you need to apply for a set

  • number of jobs and report your job applications

  • through your jobactive account.

  • From 28 September, the maximum number of jobs

  • you'll have to apply for and report each month is eight.

  • So that's approximately two per week.

  • Of course you may be applying for more jobs than that,

  • and that's great.

  • You also need to go for any job interviews you're

  • offered and accept any suitable job you're offered.

  • Other activities in your Job Plan could include

  • having a telephone appointment or completing training.

  • On your dashboard you can see how you're going with

  • meeting your requirements.

  • Your tasks to do will also tell you what things you

  • need to complete.

  • Don't forget to sign in regularly so you don't miss

  • important information.

  • If you can't meet your requirements for any reason,

  • you need to call us and tell us straight away.

  • We can discuss this with you and adjust your

  • requirements if needed.

  • It will also ensure you avoid having your payment

  • put on hold.

  • If you have any questions, watch our videos or read

  • our how to guides that explain how to use your

  • dashboard to meet your requirements.

  • If you need help, call the Digital Services Contact Centre

  • on 1800 314 677.--

You may have recently received a text message

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Mutual obligation requirements in Online Employment Services

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