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  • Before I started the internship I was applying for

  • practically every job in Esperance. Because I had no experience on my resume, I'd never got any luck.

  • It was really disappointing and I gave up on myself a bit.

  • I've mentioned it to Max Employment and they said we can help you get the experience and the training that you need.

  • The internship started off with her having to do five hours a day in my gallery which was from 10:00 to 3:00 and also

  • we've got this little business out in this beautiful beach for lucky bean cafe.

  • It's the best job ever.

  • Working on the beach or being in the art gallery. When I found out I was going to be working in the coffee van I was

  • real nervous because I know how

  • hectic it can get. Once I got the hang of knowing what to do in the

  • van it got a little easier. I learned how to use the till which was the main thing in the Eftpos machine.

  • Before I came out I had to do a

  • first-aid course and do my barista course. Getting that extra training helped with being out here

  • it was about a month ago that I found out that I was getting the job and

  • when Robin handed me the key and said oh you can come in here now

  • and open up since you know what to do now. I was so nervous, but I ended up managing to do it.

  • Life now is awesome. The decision to make full-time with Anastasia

  • It was no worries

  • And I just feel very proud to see her grow and develop and her family is very proud of her. The world is her oyster

  • And she it's up to her which goes from here. Max employment supported me through a lot.

  • They helped me with practically everything that I've needed luck with

  • transport and clothing. They paid me extra money just for working for the internship plus had my

  • Centrelink paid on top of it. I'd recommend the internship program to a lot of people

  • because it does help you get to where you want to get to. I

  • see a lot of things in my future now. Before I'd never pictured myself travelling around Australia

  • But now I can. So I'm real happy for where I am today.

Before I started the internship I was applying for

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Kepa Kurl provides the right path for Anastasia

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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