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  • Yeah.

  • Wow, Just ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my arena where there's no rules, no research way bloodshed.

  • I am ringmaster.

  • You're work most extraordinary for this extravagant.

  • And let me welcome you to weigh in today's match.

  • We have two hot headed heavy hitters.

  • That's a lot of deliberation.

  • In this corner, we have the overly happy, not so cool headed, one arm warrior, Yang Wei.

  • And in the other corner we have the booth questionable hero with an explosive personality.

  • Baku, Go now let's take a look at what makes these two so feisty.

  • Basically, Yang's, well, complicated.

  • But her main interests are hanging out with friends and punching things like a lot and going into a berserker rage and getting stronger every time she's hit.

  • It's kind of a double edged sword, though the more she gets hurt.

  • The Mawr, her punches hurt all the other grenade hand fuck ago is a child prodigy gone wrong.

  • His explosive abilities have inflated his ego beyond normal bounds.

  • He's a hotheaded balloon that does way more than exploded.

  • No, no, this boy's personality and abilities are as hot as metal seats on a scorching summer day that explode so scorching and explosive Look, fire and explosion that sizzle stick.

  • Okay, now who will win?

  • Who has more pent up rage?

  • Who has a better backstory?

  • It's timeto find out.

  • So without further ado what?

  • The exhibition he mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Good, Yeah, yeah Okay, good.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah e Now that waas awesome almost as awesome is voting for the next fight via the link in the description and then coming back next week to check out the fight and make sure to check out the alternate ending on rooster teeth dot com or via the other link below.


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