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  • the night before he passed.

  • He was watching Monday Night Football and he had his UCLA slippers under his bed.

  • He loved the game, and he was proud of what he did, even to the very end of his life.

  • Former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Fred McNeill love football.

  • He was a monster.

  • Hey, was a monster.

  • Indeed, all over the field first went to the ball despite how much of his life football later took from him.

  • Fred did everything he was, you know.

  • He played ball, went to law school, prepared for life after football.

  • Way had kids.

  • It was a good life.

  • McNeil played in two Super Bowls, was really no ordinary player.

  • His son say no ordinary man was, uh, best friend of ours.

  • Our first best friend, you know, It was look Superman and then it changed.

  • It changed CTE.

  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy entered their lives.

  • Of course, at the time, they had no idea what was happening.

  • I remember we were playing basketball, me and him.

  • We kind of got into argument while playing, and he started getting aggressive with me.

  • There was maybe two moments where he lost it on punched holes in the walls and it was like, Wow, CTE can hit hard and fast.

  • McNeil, just in his forties, lost his job as a lawyer, filed for bankruptcy, lost the home.

  • I had a conversation with my mom, and I was like, Yeah, I think something's going on.

  • He needs to go see a doctor or therapist, Something to figure out what it is.

  • It is something.

  • I noticed myself when I first met Fred back in 2010.

  • Just talking.

  • I could tell that it z a little bit difficult for you.

  • I mean, do you remember my name?

  • Uh huh.

  • Oh, Sanjay.

  • Got it.

  • Oh, right.

  • Good rage, memory loss.

  • Depression.

  • Yeah.

  • Did your father have all three of those?

  • Definitely.

  • Definitely.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • That was another point of worry for us because it was times when you know he would talk about ending it.

  • And you're like, No way, Like this is not This is not our dad.

  • But it was their dad a different dad.

  • And it was easy to be angry with him after all, they didn't know he had CTE.

  • It couldn't be diagnosed until after his death.

  • And you also made the decision toe have Fred's brain donated after he passed away.

  • Well, I had made the decision early on, but yes, first thing I want to show you is this.

  • And now, for the first time, she is seeing her husband's brain and exactly what football did to it.

  • On all the brown blotches you're seeing a town, which is the protein we see in C T E.

  • Dr Bennet Omalu, recently made famous When Will Smith portrayed him in the movie concussion?

  • If you look at his hippocampus, this is a part of the brain that controls his memory.

  • He had significant memory impairment.

  • You can see how CTE ravaged McNeil's brain.

  • I know there's a huge number of players and families between you know that point.

  • And now when you Fred, first start playing that are gonna be experiencing this and it z important, too, have information for them to get help and support.

the night before he passed.

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How CTE Can Affect The Brain

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