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  • This RealLifeLore video is made possible by Tab For A Cause.

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  • to help with hurricane disaster relief across the United States and elsewhere.

  • Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons are some of the most

  • destructive natural disasters that occur on our planet.

  • Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused over 105 billion dollars in damages

  • and hurricane Sandy in 2012 caused over 74 billion dollars in damages.

  • The amount of damage caused in North America and the Carribean by this most recent

  • hurricane season in 2017 will likely be unprecedented.

  • But what if there is a way to destroy a hurricane

  • before it could actually make landfall and cause any damage?

  • Various theories have been proposed throughout history

  • of ways to do this but perhaps the most outlandish idea

  • is to fire nuclear weapons into a hurricane.

  • So would this actually work?

  • And what would actually happen if we ever decided to try it out?

  • This idea has actually been around for quite some time.

  • A meteorologist named Jack W. Reed suggested nuking hurricanes to destroy them as early as 1959.

  • Reed noted that every time a hydrogen bomb exploded

  • they would lift an enormous column of air

  • up to 20miles high into the sky afterwards.

  • With this in mind, he speculated that a submarine

  • armed with nuclear weapons could travel underwater

  • through a hurricane and into the eye of the storm.

  • Once inside the eye the submarine would launch would multiple nuclear missiles that would detonate

  • at the surface.

  • The idea was that most of the warm air inside of the eye

  • would be blasted out above the storm

  • while cold and dense air would fill in and replace it.

This RealLifeLore video is made possible by Tab For A Cause.

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What Happens If You Drop a Nuclear Bomb Into a Hurricane?

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