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  • Hey, everybody.

  • We have brand new DB X and Death Race T shirts in the Rooster T store, so just had to store dot rooster teeth dot com and pick some up the galaxy, the solar system, the planets, the moon.

  • Each is an essential piece in the ever shifting whirlwind of the cosmos.

  • That's why they all have their own super protector fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight.

  • They are the classic magical girls.

  • The sailor guardians are warriors entrusted with magnificent powers.

  • It's a sailor guardians job to protect their world from alien threats.

  • You may know one of them Sailor Moon, Real name.

  • Usagi, Suki No.

  • Or Serena or Bunny, depending on which doesnt watched.

  • So they like space Popeye's yourself cookies.

  • What Sailor Scout dough is They're not sailors there, sailor guardians or sailor soldiers.

  • The term Sailor Scout comes from the original English stuff.

  • Oh yeah, the dick tub.

  • Look out, kid.

  • There's a giant dick outside your window.

  • You know what you are, anyway?

  • Everything in the universe possesses a form of crystallized life force called a star seat.

  • Each guardian is powered by a special star seed, which embodies their own planet a sailor crystal.

  • These give them superhuman powers.

  • They could fly, do magic, shape, shift, heal fast and are basically immortal.

  • Some of them are even trained by the most dangerous creatures in the world.

  • Cats.

  • After many adventures, Sailor Moon would eventually find herself face to face with her greatest foe.

  • Ah, coldhearted Empress of evil.

  • She was just a nameless lady stuck on some random trashy planet.

  • It was so bad there she basically gave up on life.

  • Well, until she got her hands on the sapphire crystal.

  • The sapphire crystal is exponentially powerful, providing unlimited potential that matched her own newly unlimited ego.

  • With all this power amongst the garbage around her, one purpose came to mind.

  • Destroy everything.

  • So into the university went in search of a new home fit for a goddess.

  • The soldier of destruction sailor.

  • Good Alexia, Be it the power or her own mind.

  • Galaxy A was cursed with unparalleled vanity so cosmic and scale that she could not be satisfied until the whole universe bowed before her or else.

  • Man, why does this episode keep reminding me of my ex really making me living here with I didn't realize you felt so strongly about this.

  • Are you okay?

  • Yeah.

  • Maybe things weren't so bad.

  • All right, get me some flowers and 1/5 of Kentucky Delight.

  • I'm gonna go apologize.

  • I never get an apology anyway, We'll be back next week for the full episode.

  • Beers versus Sailor Gallach CIA.

Hey, everybody.

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Sailor Galaxia Conquers All in DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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