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  • -Well, guys, I actually heard that Trump actually met with

  • a potential Supreme Court nominee yesterday.

  • But get this. It looks like Trump is returning to

  • his TV roots when it comes to his search for a justice.

  • Check out this trailer

  • I saw the White House release earlier today.

  • -Hello.

  • I'm President Donald J. Trump.

  • I know everything there is to know about the law

  • because I've broken it many times.

  • So I know what it takes to be a Supreme Court justice.

  • And now one lucky lady is going to walk away with the job

  • and endless power until she dies.

  • This is "So You Want to Be a Supreme Court Justice."

  • ♪♪

  • The competition won't be easy.

  • Picking a Supreme Court justice is one of

  • the most important things and challenging things

  • a president ever has to do.

  • That's why I'm jamming it in by Saturday.

  • Maybe Friday if I work without the TV on.

  • This season I'm looking for a female judge who can live up to

  • RBG's historic legacy and undo all of it.

  • That's right, a female judge,

  • or as the producers told me not to call it, a judgette.

  • I'm talking 8s and above, folks,

  • and she better wow in the swim robe contest

  • or she's going to get eliminated, let me tell you.

  • You want to be my nominee?

  • Then you better share my values, which include

  • many of the values because as you know,

  • I'm very much with the values.

  • I have the most values. Everyone agrees.

  • They say, "How does he fit so much values inside him?

  • It's amazing."

  • If you want to be a great judge, study those who came before you,

  • like Judge Judy, Dredd, and Reinhold.

  • And if you think you have what it takes to be

  • on my Supreme Court, send in an audition tape

  • explaining how you plan to undo three laws.

  • The more immigrant stuff, the better, folks.

  • Just swing for the fences and see how many lives you can ruin.

  • We'll write it in later if we have to, but probably not.

  • Join my search for the next Supreme Court justice.

  • And, you know, forget about anything else going on,

  • none of which is my fault.

  • -"So You Want to Be a Supreme Court Justice,"

  • coming to Peacock this spring.

  • -No, no. This fall!

  • Heck, this Friday if we can swing it.

  • Melania, unplug my TV.

-Well, guys, I actually heard that Trump actually met with

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So You Want to Be a Supreme Court Justice?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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