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  • - Hey, I'm Liz, from "The Verge."

  • I've been a vegetarian for 20 years,

  • but today I'm gonna eat pork.

  • (bright music)

  • So, we're here CES in Las Vegas,

  • where Impossible Foods is introducing two new kinds of meat.

  • One is sausage and one is pork.

  • So, for most of human history,

  • meat has been associated with wealth and really desirable,

  • but lately people have been really concerned

  • about the effects that meat has

  • on human health and the environment.

  • So, Impossible Foods thinks it has the perfect alternative.

  • This is supposed to taste like meat,

  • but it's made out of plants.

  • So, this looks a little like ground meat.

  • It's pink, and the texture kind of looks like

  • maybe a chunkier hamburger.

  • One of the things that I noticed while eating it

  • is that it's pretty juicy and you can sort of see

  • some of the oils in the pan.

  • It's definitely sizzling.

  • So, it definitely changed color,

  • and the browning seems to be replicating meat.

  • You can definitely see the areas

  • where it's gotten a little bit more cooked

  • in the same way that you might with a barbecue or something.

  • So, we're gonna do some investigative journalism now.

  • I'm gonna take the meat out of the sandwich.

  • Okay, so this comes apart pretty easily.

  • It's not as tough as meat usually is.

  • And I'm just gonna eat it straight, because why not?

  • (bright music) (crowd murmuring)

  • It's fine, so it tastes salty.

  • There's almost like a kind of nutty flavor to it.

  • It's not one of those things

  • where you have to be like (growling).

  • You chew a little bit and then it comes apart.

  • I can't really tell you if this tastes like pork

  • because I haven't had pork in 20 years, and to be honest,

  • I don't really remember what it tastes like.

  • So, I'm gonna tap in somebody who does.

  • (crowd murmuring)

  • - Hmm, yeah, seems legit.

  • (bright music)

  • - But this isn't really about me or vegetarianism.

  • This is food science.

  • It takes a lot of work to make something like this,

  • not just to make it taste right,

  • but also to make the nutrition right.

  • But one of the things that's maybe worth keeping in mind

  • is that pork is one of the most eaten meats in the world,

  • and it's especially important in the Asian markets

  • like China, for instance, has had a booming pork industry.

  • So, it's possible that this is a brand new market

  • that opens up for Impossible.

  • Impossible Foods is also introducing the Impossible sausage,

  • which I didn't get a chance to try tonight,

  • but that's gonna be available as part of the breakfast menu

  • at certain kinds of Burger Kings around the country,

  • so keep an eye out for that.

  • It's gonna be part of their Croissan'wich I guess?

  • I dunno, I've never had it, but I hear it's good.

  • All right, I'm gonna start with the noodles.

  • It feels safest.

  • Sorry everybody, my chopstick skills are not top notch.

  • All right, here we go.

- Hey, I'm Liz, from "The Verge."

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