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  • [Nancy] "Frenchy's Spa Day."

  • Oh, bonjour. Hello!

  • Today I'm giving a spa day to someone who really deserves it.

  • My dog, Frenchy!

  • [barks]

  • [giggles] Oui, Frenchy.

  • A fancy dog like you must be pampered.

  • That's fancy for "treated really well."

  • We shall begin with... Voilà! Doggie treats!

  • [gobbles, slobbers] [giggles]

  • And now we'll get you clean with a nice, warm, sudsy bath.

  • [whimpering]

  • Oh, come on. You know you love a bath... once you're in it!

  • [squeaks]

  • [barking] Oh, good boy, Frenchy.

  • [splashes]

  • See? Aren't the bubbles magnifique? [Frenchy barks]

  • First, we'll start behind your ears,

  • since that's where you get the most scratches.

  • Now the top of your head. [giggles] [Frenchy barks]

  • We have to keep your topknot fresh.

  • Time to rinse. [splashing]

  • Frenchy, no, don't shake! [water splattering]

  • [groans] Sacré bleu!

  • I'll just-- [giggles] fetch a few more serviettes. That's French for towels.

  • [Frenchy barking] [water splashing]

  • [giggles] Feels good, huh, boy? [Frenchy barks]

  • Ooh là là! Now Frenchy feels good on the inside

  • and looks good on the outside!

  • All that's left to do now is give Frenchy a relaxing massage.

  • That's fancy for a back rub. [growls playfully]

  • [giggling] Or in Frenchy's case, a belly rub.

  • [whimpers] Thanks for joining us for Frenchy's Spa Day.

  • Au revoir. Goodbye! [barks]

[Nancy] "Frenchy's Spa Day."

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Frenchy's Spa Day ? | Fancy Nancy | Disney Junior

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