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  • Marjorie was likely bitten by a tiger shark,

  • one of the main culprits of shark attacks

  • on surfers in Hawaii.

  • Tiger sharks tend to be solitary hunters.

  • They're feeding on large prey items

  • and they have the jaws and the hardware that enable them

  • to take those big prey items.

  • But they're also not picky-- they'll eat whatever they can.

  • Known as the "garbage can of the ocean,"

  • the tiger shark has the hardware to chew up anything it finds--

  • even license plates and old tires.

  • So here you have a site of jaws from about a 12-foot tiger

  • shark, and you can see the numbers of teeth that are

  • here and the size of the teeth.

  • They're big, they're heavily serrated-- even the serrations

  • have serrations on them.

  • As that jaw's moving, it's slicing across,

  • and these become little blades like on a chainsaw.

  • Not only do they have lots of teeth,

  • they have lots of replacement teeth behind,

  • so they always have a full set of teeth rolling in.

  • When they encounter soft, squishy humans,

  • easily able to get severely damaged

  • by such strong, powerful jaws.

  • On Marjorie's sunset surf, time and location

  • worked against her.

  • Tiger sharks are nocturnal hunters,

  • and she was surfing in an area inhabited by sea turtles.

  • So a shark swimming along toward dusk or at night,

  • it sees something vaguely on the surface,

  • it's going to come up and investigate it.

  • You're sitting on this board with your arms

  • off to the side, which look like little flippers,

  • and a shark coming up from below might mistake this person

  • on a board for a turtle that's flapping around

  • and give you an investigatory bite.

Marjorie was likely bitten by a tiger shark,

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A Case of Mistaken Identity | Shark vs Surfer

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/23
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