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  • last night we saw a classic example off what career politicians love to do.

  • And I'm talking about our current mayor of London and the prime minister here in the UK and they love to play the victim.

  • They love to point the finger.

  • They love to blame each other, as opposed to standing up and being leaders and offering solutions to the problems of the people they serve.

  • And I'm talking about the nine million of us in London citizens who elected some of these officials who they need to start serving.

  • And this whole row last night erupted around transport for London, which is our entire network of Busses and tubes and everything that makes this incredible city move around and therefore do business every single day.

  • And, uh, it started off with the former mayor of London, Boris Johnson, our current prime minister, accusing the current mayor of London, uh, that his transport network is effectively bankrupt 12 billion pounds in debt annual debt service of £400 million saying it's effectively bankrupt.

  • And guess what our prime minister is right.

  • Next.

  • Our current mayor of London, uh, shot back and said, You've hit us with a triple whammy off charges in order to get financing that we need.

  • And that is increased charges on the tube and increasing council taxes and a widening of the ring of the congestion charge and other tax.

  • And of course, in that sense, the mayor is right.

  • The prime minister is squeezing London right now for those rates of increase.

  • And then the prime minister fired back and said, Yes, but Mayor, you bankrupted the two.

  • But before Cove, it hits before covert hit, you had already run this network into the ground, and that is also true.

  • And so I'm not sure about you.

  • But as a citizen of this city, as a taxpayer, as a business person, as someone whose Children go to school in this city, I am not interested in the political bickering off our leaders.

  • I'm interested in solutions that change the way my life functions.

  • And yet that's not what either one of these gentlemen want to dio.

  • They want to position themselves to be reelected so they can squander mawr of our tax dollars on their fiscally irresponsible plans on the fact they've never run a business in their life.

  • So they wouldn't know how to hold someone accountable or keep a project, uh, working on time.

  • And this is the game they play over and over and over again on that's why, quite simply, we need new leadership and we need a new plan for the TfL on.

  • I will be announcing my transportation policy and the upcoming weeks, and it really goes in and offers solutions because that's what leaders do way offer solutions.

  • We don't play the victim way.

  • Don't point the finger at someone.

  • We provide solutions for the citizens of the people we serve.

  • And I think we need to remind our elected leaders that they're here for two reasons.

  • They're here to listen to the citizens and to serve the citizens.

  • And when you're done serving, you go and listen some more, and then you go serve some more.

  • We're not here to elect you so you could become famous so you can write books so you can position yourself politically.

  • We elect you to serve us, and that needs to start happening in this city and this country.

  • I am tired of seeing wars being fought on social media between two leaders when they should be getting down to business and getting London back toe work, putting our health first, putting science first and making intelligent decisions that are proportional to this virus.

  • I've been saying it over again, and I'm gonna keep saying this.

  • These are some of my policies that I will implement as your next mayor of London in May.

  • I'm excited to do this, and I know I could do a much better job than our current crop of politicians with their vested interests and the old school way of doing things that do no longer serve in a modern world.

  • We need solutions right now.

  • Every single day that goes by.

  • With this city locked down, we are causing irreparable damage.

  • It's gotta stop now.

  • We need new ideas, We need new leadership.

  • And I'm curious for your thoughts.

  • So please leave your comments below.

  • Tell me what you think share this video If it meant something for you and I'll be talking more about this in the coming months.

  • I'm so passionate about this city.

  • We deserve better Londoners.

  • We deserve better than nine million people here deserve so much better.

  • Let's get this city back and make it once again a world class city.

  • Thank you very much.

last night we saw a classic example off what career politicians love to do.

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/22
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