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  • Doctor.

  • What are some of the things we need to think about as this winter approaches?

  • You know, we're going into the months of November, December January.

  • Its gonna get colder.

  • You know, we know flu season's coming up well, what do people need to be aware of again if they're of the age group or if they have parents or grandparents in that age group?

  • The standard things that everyone's talked about already.

  • Keeping warm.

  • Keeping, moving, keeping company, making sure there's food in the house and things like that.

  • There's one very specific thing, though, and that's the flu vaccine.

  • Um, it doesn't protect against Cofide, but there is a lot of evidence that having both together is pretty pretty deadly mixture.

  • Onda.

  • We are very keen and educate London to encourage older people older Londoners to make sure that they get their flu vaccine.

  • Not easy, because it may mean going out of the house, Um, mhm.

  • There's I've seen pictures of tents and car parks and all sorts of things to try and move people through it.

  • It's difficult, and everyone's struggling GPS.

  • Our educators, our mutual aids, are lots of lots of people are working on this.

  • How toe get older people toe have the flu job.

  • But I also, if I may want to taken opportunity toe myth bust about the risks of flu vaccine, which are really very, very low indeed on the risks of not having flu vaccine, particularly for those older Londoners who are going out.

  • You really don't want to get both together?

  • Um, there's a chance.

  • And we know from back in March, um, a few people across the country did get both together on the mortality rate doubled, doubled.

  • On the other hand, we know that in Australia they mobilized really well in their winter through March, April, May, June Andi, they got 70% of the older citizens to have the flu job on the number of cases of influenza dropped by over 90%.

  • Less than 1/10 of Australians got the flu in their last winter than they did the winter before, so we know it could be done on.

  • We know it will save lives on also protect our health service.

  • I mean, way also saw the pictures of the hospitals in the ATO high, the height of the pandemic and the heroic struggles that my hospital colleagues were.

  • We're making Onda.

  • We just don't want that again.

  • Please, We don't want that again.

  • So there's a general point about helping the health service.

  • But there's a specific point about helping ourselves.

  • Yeah, some people do get a reaction.

  • I I think it gets less and less the more that you have, which is, um I'm saying please have one every year because I was a frontline health worker.

  • I started having flu jobs years ago.

  • I can't actually remember the first time I had one on.

  • I remember having reactions.

  • Then I thought I was going down with flu.

  • And then I realized, Of course, it was four days since I've had the job.

  • But now I have the job and I don't even notice.

  • So, please, unless you're allergic, you know you're allergic to it.

  • Please have the job.

  • How well my wife Why don't why stop my wife?


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COLD SEASON TIPS: How To Be Fully Prepared For The Colder Months That Lie Ahead - Dr. Tony Burch

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/22
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