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  • get ready for all right before we get into today's song, I just want to say that, yes, I do feel absolutely Jack today, but also we love making these science songs for you, and this is literally the room that we make them in.

  • Which is why we want to send a huge thank you to Google for sponsoring a portion of this video and allowing us to keep making them just like you want strong and healthy muscles.

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  • Thanks again to Google for sponsoring this part of the video and now on to the muscle song.

  • See the just too complex, Your major out minor in so that you can press underneath on the ribs is a so right into your fitness from the next unemployed almost, or it is here.

  • You know how it worked in tandem.

  • There on the back of the trapezius, appear upper, middle and inferior.

  • Shoulders up, shoulders down here, the deltoids work abduction of your little possesses Ricky I am breaking.

  • That's the elbow looking strong.

  • Turn around the triceps cards.

  • Extension in the shape of a horseshoe to the forum Breaky already be onerous times, too.

  • At the copy radio.

  • Alice Flex or extend to the head has many muscles that we're not going through This'd is the muscle songs of Sing Along 600 plus that you trust you get on your way Smooth Cordy.

  • I could skeletal soft tissue changing.

  • Trust your locomotion organs, too.

  • Give me ABS Can't resist for to stop dominance and in his inscriptions, for some definition, with the need to rotate and twist intercourse is with Justin rips along its muscle.

  • Is the sartorius actors longest in grass A list International attack Tenia sit your thigh Here we cannot mystical of the quadriceps Improper director Sam Arrests on top on the outside justice lateral this media Ellis near the crowd down below.

  • The Justice Intermediate sits on the Long Bieber with the cards you can walk even one John Scott extend the need Be a dancer.

  • Thistles is the muscle songs to sing along 600 plus that you can trust your movie on your way.

  • Smooth, corny.

  • I could scallop so soft tissue evolutionary wanders in side.

  • Wrong boy.

  • Retract the shoulder blades with major minor for Spend a terrorist.

  • Make the shoulder liner that's are looking broader.

  • Director Spin A will make you taller flutes a freaking huge.

  • The larger smiles.

  • They include the Maximus, the media's and minimus hamstring placement just below with my deep and a doctor, megabytes of spam, a wrist flexor, Sandy tendon notice, too.

  • And Sammy Member Notice who have conflicts.

  • The foot for you that gathered Mimi is for jumping to yes, points down here so you can put on all your clothes and cover all your muscles.

  • Andi boob.

  • Thank you guys for watching this science song is very fast, So I just wanted to say, If you're finding it difficult to memorize, you can use the YouTube controls and actually slow down this video.

  • I know a lot of people have done that for, like the Periodic Table song and the Pie song.

  • So feel free to try that.

  • And I also wanted to ask what other science songs but you want us to make what are the things would be useful to memorize?

  • Some people have been saying the amino acids or the Krebs cycle.

  • Let me know in the comments below, and maybe we'll turn that into a science song as well.

  • Otherwise, see you next time.

  • Thank you so much for watching.

  • Bye.

get ready for all right before we get into today's song, I just want to say that, yes, I do feel absolutely Jack today, but also we love making these science songs for you, and this is literally the room that we make them in.

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The Muscle Song (Memorize Your Anatomy) | SCIENCE SONGS

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